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Current Characters


Space: Infinite Edge




Past Characters

  • F1R3W@LL - walking taser
  • Helen Cayhill, Nosferatu of the Ordo Dracul, Seneschal extraordinaire.
  • Maddie Walker, Ogre Farwalker Spring
  • Nekare, Lasombra Antitribu
  • Red Rain, Theurge, Red Talon

Name: Abigail Estes
MES Number: US2008072573
MC: 13
Region: NE
Domain: NY-004-D
Coordinator Ilan Norwood
DST: Peter Camche

Current Positions

  • RC (US-NE)
  • aDC: Design (US-NE-NYC)

Past Positions

  • aVST: Lost, Web (US-NE-NYC)
  • aRC: List Tracker (US-NE)
  • aaNST: Awakening, PL: Niggly Little Details
  • aDC: Sites & Finances (US-NE-NYC)
  • DC (US-NE-NYC)
  • VST: Lost (US-NE-NYC)
  • aRST: Lost (US-NE)
  • aRST: Infinite Edge (US-NE)


Wiki Design

CAN I TELL YOU GUYS HOW MUCH I ENJOY DESIGNING WIKIS? So much. If you'd like help with wiki stuff, feel free to hit up this form.
Here is my wiki sandbox. There probably isn't anything in there at any given moment. Unless I have a queue, in which case I may also need a bag of holding. Or a backup for extras.

Wikis Made

(in addition to my own)

IconsThree-Eyes PackSept of the Fallen GreenStrongTalkPriscilla & Razortooth
ChenziraqLeonHollis FaradayNowandthenHunts-the-Broken
Zachary'sElijah ZacheausVioletta DivineLucySloan Clarke
NYC MasqueradeCharlotteAtticusHouse KardosBotani David
Kyle MorganViviJack RiderDeltaBartleby Crane

Here are my wikis from last chron, woo!

Graphic Design

In addition to the headers and custom section titles on many of the wikis I make, I enjoy making logos and other graphics.