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Characters in Old World of Darkness

Razortooth the Undying of the Rokea - On MES Virtual
Tor Varg of the Sanctum of Gaia - San Antonio Tx.
Lahab Alhazred of the Independent Alliance - San Antonio Tx.
Lucian Dragos, Tzimisce of the Sabbat - San Antonio Tx.
Marko Kazamir - Unaligned Nosferatu - San Antonio Tx.

Characters in New World of Darkness

Lucia Dragomir - England
Romulus - Verge

Wiki Workshop

Currently being Worked on BKGWorkshop

Favorite Quotes From Media

  • "Anyone can give up his fight by laying down arms. But the feeling of holding a gun that, we'll never forget. Like our lost limbs, the sensation lingers. We hold our rifles in missing hands. We stand tall on missing legs. We stride forward on the bones of our fallen. Then and only then are we alive. This pain is ours, and no one else's. The secret weapon we wield, out of sight. We will be stronger than ever, for our peace." - Kazuhira Miller, MGS 5 Phantom Pain
  • "Our duty is to pass on what we've learned to the next generation, the memories, the experiences, the Sins. Only when our children show the wisdom to not forge new spears, only then, will we be truly triumphant." - Kazuhira Miller, MGS 5 Phantom Pain
  • "There's no right part in murder." - Solid Snake, MGS 2 Son's of Liberty
  • "As long as the times refuse to change, we're gonna make a hell of a racket" - Big Boss, MGS Peace Walker.
  • "" -

Player Info

Name: Kane G.
MES Number: US2009114971
MC: 7
Nation: United States
Region: South Central
Domain: Tx-059-D
Coord: Rachel
IRC Nick: Kane_OOC
Discord Nick: Kane_OOC or Kane_Us2009114971