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PC Characters

Name: Denise Lilly
BNS Camarilla: Shandra Sauger Nosferatu Primogen Neonate
BNS Anarch: Feather Coyote Gangrel Anarch Constable
BNS Sabbat: Alida Tzimisce Ductus
BNS Puerto Rico Apocalypse: Coup de Grace Ragabash Strider Fostern Fool
BNS Wales Apocalypse: Alethia_True_Strike Black Fury Theurge Adren Mistress of Rites, and First to Growl
COD SPACE: Rain McAnbis Nebula Lost Dancer
CODX New Zealand: MD Thyrsus Arrow Doctor
CODX Milton Keynes: Anna Jay Read A special mortal
NE Regional CODX Requiem: Dani_Gibbons Ordo Master and Phasmae Mekhet Primogen of Ellsworth, Maine

Photos from cons and et al

Player Email:
Coordinator: Rob R, EC RC
Coordinator Email:
Location: East Central Virtual -- Ohio
Positions Held:

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
PLEASE look for me on mIRC as Dee-ooc in #MES-Virtual-OOC or #Tradewinds-ooc or as DeeUS2002106703 in Hangouts. On Discord I'm Dee#0812

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