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  • Name: Derek Stark
  • MES Number: US2014050040
  • Chapter: MES Virtual
  • Domain: NT-001-D
  • City: Greenville
  • State: Ohio
  • Email Me



1. How did you get started? - It had to have been around 1998, and I can't remember the name of the gaming store, but it used to be next to Conan's Pizza at the Intersection of Manchaca and Stassney. I got the VtM Green book.

I started Live Action Roleplay in 2014. A Friend of mine who also played finally got me involved. I had contacted the Organization years before but had never gotten enough nerve to go try it out. I regret that decision. I wish I would have gotten in earlier. Its been a blast meeting all the people and sharing fun scenes. My very first game I showed up in a bright Orange shirt which black letters proclaiming that I was a Malkavian. Oh Boy! That was a mistake. I was quickly taken under the wing of an Ancilla Malkavian that taught me the first few things about being a vampire. I quickly learned, and finally decided to make a character, now that I had knew the rules better and had a grasp of understanding things. So I made a Nosferatu, and learned real quick that I loved costuming and being behind a mask. Dagmuar ended up becoming Triumphant, and survived the entire chronicle. He even went out on a limb and showed his compassion for his beloved Animal Companion. Which some people laughed, but others saw it as great Roleplay showing Humanity. While I played Dagumar I also dabbled in Assistant Storytelling for Sabbat. I ran NPCs, I helped run Plot. It was pretty fun. Not sure I would ever want to step behind the scenes full time. But after being tossed into the frying pan, when our local Sabbat Storyteller was not feeling good, during our Featured Game of the Month. I stepped up and it was a success so I guess I did something right. I had a bunch of help too. That is where the friends come in. I quickly advanced up in Member Class earning my characters more XP, and myself more knowledge of the club. I found the tests easy and then found extra questions hidden in the MES website, I racked up a good amount of MC before I was all out of questions. So I started Donated Items to our local Goodwill. Woah, Once you tell the family, hey I need to get things to donate to Goodwill, they really come through. I started donating once a month. I would help out at games, donate drinks, food for parties. I even did a bunch of wiki work for different people. I made over a hundred wikis last chronicle alone. This chronicle I've made one so far. But anyone who wants a wiki is more than welcome to ask. I don't mind helping out.

2017 Chronicle Characters
Character Name Clan/Tribe/Etc Venue Active
"Dylan Lowe" (Dylan Lowe) Homid, Bone Gnawer, Ragabash, Cliath TW - Apocalypse (Anglesey, Wales) (Submitted for Review!)
"Soothes The Heart" (Tobias Walker) Homid, Child of Gaia, Galliard, Adren MES Online Apocalypse - Puerto Rico (Active!)
Osvif Skorrisson Camarilla Toreador, Elder MES Online Masquerade - Dominican Republic Camarilla (Active!)
Dr. Orin Hurt Beast the Primordial, Namtaru Collector MES Online Cod-X - New Zealand
Charles Blake Mortal, InterKleen Janitorial Services MES SPACE VSS

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