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Player Info

Artist's conception

Player: Edward Seibert

MES #: US2010056012

Player Email:

Coordinator: My damn self

Coordinator Email:

Location: FL-046, Southwest Florida

Positions: VST Cam/Anarch/Indy, Southeast ARST Cam/Anarch/Indy

Characters: Adyton, Hears Spirits, Goffredo Rossellini(RIP), Teeth (RIP), Luthor Nixon (RIP)

Character vs. Character Conflict (CvC)

Rivalries and conflict create interesting drama and interesting stories. Killboxes are usually boring and end stories. If you want to engage with any of my characters in CvC conflict, please drop me a line. I am 100% down to clown in almost any case.

Player vs. Player Conflict (PvP

Since words mean things, PvP and CvC are not the same. If you want to engage in PvP, see this link: [Click Here]