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This is a list of Characters played by Elexeia, in play, deceased, or retired.

Characters: In Play

Characters: Retired or Deceased

Characters: Pending Activity

Here is a list of Characters that are pending for play, for any reason in any given venue. The reason I have them here is because I am preparing for play with them when one character leaves play through Retiring or Death. You may contact me for tie purposes with the character in pending activity, but I do not guarantee when they will enter play.

  • None

Sand Boxing

Lexi sandbox

Pages Made/Done Up

Other Information

Member Since: February 2011
Name: Elexeia Rouse "Lex" They/them
MES #: US2011027373
MC: 11
Email: Character Dependent
VST: Character Dependent
Region: South Central
Domain: TX-059-D, San Antonio, TX
Official Position(s):

  • SC AARST Online

Past Positions:

  • VST of The Last Bastion of Light's Keep
  • aARST South Central Apocalypse
  • aVST Wales
  • aVST Accord
  • aVST RQ Reports
  • aVST Requiem
  • aVST Awakening
  • ADC Props (for San Antonio, Tx Domain)
  • aVST Puerto Rico Plot Drops
  • MES National Online Apocalypse Puerto Rico Wiki Updates

Unofficial Positions: Rokea Herder and Rokea wiki building.