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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Kiyoshi

Notable Traits: Very curious


Born in Japan and raised between both Japan and Upstate New York. His father raising him in the traditions of Japanese martial arts and culture. He learned to speak several languages, and gained a curiosity that has gotten him into trouble at times. His father knowing that he would most likely be a Kitsune taught him of the traditions of the Kitsune. He spent many days at the temple in Japan with other Kitsune learning everything he could about his kin. He was in Japan when he turned, and spend his time between Japan and New York. Making his home in New York, he was given the right to go to Puerta Rica to aid when the call was made. And so starts his adventure.

OOC Information

Player: Scott

Player Email:

Storyteller: Eddie Sanchez

Storyteller Email:

Location: Puerto Rico