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In Loving Memory of

Andy Lambert

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About Me


Hi. I'm Andy Lambert. My first name is James but I never use it so don't call me that. You will often see me signing emails with J. Andy Lambert, though. I was a member of the Pre-white Wolf NPO and then the Camarilla 2000 - 2003. I came back to the MES in 2014 but didn't start playing regularly again until early 2016.

As of March 2016, I became the VST for Werewolf the Apocalypse. I had run this same venue in Huntsville in my previous stint and the venue was dormant in Houston. I was re-elected in April 2017 but stepped down as of April 2018 to focus on my regional job. I was appointed SC ARST Apocalypse in December 2017 and I am still in that role, presently. In October 2018, I was appointed to AANST Apocalypse: Sanctum of Gaia.




  • Jimmy Grenouille - Gangrel Anarch
  • Paddy Murphy - Follower of Set Viper - Immortalized into a NPC in Honor of Andy by the National Masquerade Team

Unto the Independent Alliance,

I have lived countless lifetimes, and I have witnessed the descendants of my Beloved travel to the edges of the world, watching them prosper. When I spoke to those assembled in Memphis, I appreciated how much we have flourished. From those gathered there, one among the masses upon caught my eye. This young Viper stood silent and vigilant over myself and his charge, unafraid and unyielding.

We spoke in depth that evening, and the devotion he showed to me in protecting our Alliance was beyond what I would expect to see from even some of our eldest. This young Viper has not escaped my thoughts and, after speaking to my fellow Shepherds, he will be rewarded for his service to the Independent Alliance.

Let it be known that as of this evening the Viper known as Paddy Murphy will serve as a personal guard to the Shepherds of the Dead, acting as our enforcer and protector in a time when our enemies grow bolder and seek our ruin.

May you serve us well, Paddy. I look forward to you standing at our side.

Em heset net Set

--Maatkare the Beloved

Shepherd of the Dead


The character known as Paddy Murphy is now an NPC.

Though the character will continue to exist in honor in the game, as many of you know today we lost the player.

Andy Lambert was an amazing, kind, caring, and wonderful member of our organization.

As we mourn his passing, we are thankful for his kind heart, caring soul, and his countless contributions to both this club and to our lives outside of this club.

Randi (the AANST: Followers of Set / Independent Alliance), Chris (the ANST: Masquerade), Travis (the NST), and I (the AANST: Giovanni / Independent Alliance) felt that this is the least we could do pay a tribute to someone who's given so much to us and to this club in the short time we were blessed to have him with us.

Rest in Peace, Andy Lambert, we'll all miss you.

Amanda Humble US2003031380 AANST Giovanni/Cappadocian/IA


Sept of the Bayou's Rage

Houston Kindred Domain

OOC Info:

Name: Andy Lambert

Email: Andy's Email

Location: Houston, TX

Memorial Quotes

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  • His smile made the world a brighter place. - Catherine "Kitty" Correa
  • We lost a light in this world and I will miss him greatly. - Elexeia Rouse
  • Never have I known such a wholly good person. Hold up on the other side for us, and save a drink. - Matt Womack