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Member Info

Player: Jana W, US2002021053
Player Email:
Direct Coordinator: Angela Rexwinkle
Coordinator Email:
Location: Seattle, WA

Co-Founded Camarilla: February 1992
Member Class: 15
Awarded Trustee Status: March 1997

Current Characters

Seattle the Emerald City

Chronicles of Darkness — CoD-X

Chronicles of Darkness — Geist: the Sin-Eaters

Vampire: the Masquerade

MES Resume

Current Positions

  • NW ARC Prestige
  • Seattle ADC Admin

Past Positions

  • National: Director of Memberships / National Services Admin
  • National: Assistant to the National Services Admin
  • National: Assistant GSA for Clan Giovanni Backgrounds (history, research, language, etc)
  • Domain - Seattle: Coordinator
  • Domain - Seattle: Various ADC positions (Admin, Independent Members, Prestige)
  • Domain - Seattle: Chapter Coordinator or Assistant Chapter Coordinator
  • Domain - San Francisco: VST Changeling