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Current Positions

  • DST Savannah, GA
  • AVST Masquerade Rules
  • ADC CoS

Previous Positions

VST Apocalypse
ADST Rules
VST Lost
VST Accord


  • Apocalypse - Strangelove: Glasswalker, Concordat of Stars, CyberDog
  • Masquerade - Duncan Dunsirn: Giovanni boon trader, Influence peddler, and socialite
  • Masquerade - Ezikiel Silverman: Tremere thaumaturge and lawyer
  • Space - Bill Brune: Madman, Explorer, Killer, mercenary (Little m)

Deceased/Retired Characters

  • VtM - John Biggs- Old dog Anarch brujah
  • VtM - Daniel J. Sharkey- Ventrue neonate of House Constantinian
  • Andrew MacNeil - Tremere Pontifex
  • Apocalypse - Denny McNeely- Athro Fianna Ragabash
  • Changeling - MAW -
  • VtR - Bear - Gangrel Lancea Sanctum of the Tollison Creed

Player Bio

Player: Jeremy N.

Player Email:

Coordinator: Kathleen M.

Coordinator Email:

Location: Savannah, Ga