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Current Characters


Space: The Infinite Edge





Past Characters

Name: Toby Gurl
MES Number: US2015100131
MC: 7
Region: NW
Domain: WA-075-D
Coordinator Rachel H.
DST: Trason D.

Current Positions


Past Positions

  • DC (WA-075-D)
  • VST: Accord (US-SW-SF)

Wiki Design

I'm an amateur wiki-maker, so if you're looking for someone to code a fancy one for you I'm happy to give it a shot. Just fill out this form with as much elaboration as you want and I'll get your page back to you for comment as soon as I can. Turnaround time may be a week or more pending inspiration and real life interference..
Here is my wiki sandbox. There probably isn't anything in there at any given moment. You can also check here, or even here.

Wikis Made

(in addition to my own)

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Akheilos Deep DiverPhilipe Reynard Cassidy Black
Amber LaurenSusarahm Kaylee Smith
Brigid O'MannionMichael Black Douglas Wood