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Player Bio

Player: Tommie Boatwright

Player Email:

Coordinator: Sarah Gullett

Coordinator Email:

Location: Aiken, SC

Current Positions

Previous Positions

  • SERE Lead 2015
  • Las Vegas by Night Lead Second 2015
  • MNE Lead 2016
  • SERE Second 2017

Current Characters

  • Apocalypse - Clickbait: Glasswalker Galliard, Concordat of Stars
  • Space - Magnus Duskthorne: Elemental Bright One, Court of the Nebula, Merchant's Union
  • CoD-X - Regan: Adamantine Arrow Moros
  • Masquerade - Dragomir Zantosa : Revenant, Tzimisce
  • Masquerade - O.K.: Nosferatu, Anarch, Neonate

Deceased/Retired Characters