V-Day Bashacre

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So like you know what like gets like supes old? Like talking all this like shit on the lists, getting like all riled and like pissed, and like everyone's like talking shit and like NOT getting hit for it. Well, like, screw like that, it's like totes lame! Fuck the rants with like all the talk, and like all the expecting people to like listen on like endlessly. Like in the words of like that bitchin feminist, Tina Turner, fuckin like welcome to Thunderdome! Hosted like in Brujah territory in Austin, Masquerade safer, and like...oh. This is like about who can like knock someone to torpor. Not like kill people like a coward in like a dark parking lot. So like...bring it. February 14th, 2019.


All Proxies must fill in this GOOGLE FORM by 2/8/19 in order to be accepted. Non Brujah attending should have a reason, and be aware this is an event made for fighting, not showing off oratory skills. VST warnings and advisories should be read on the form before you fill it out. Proxy will start on the Feb 10th and should be over by Feb 15th.