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Berlin, Germany
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Berlin had been a city under Ventrue dominance for as long as we know. The first known vampire to take residence in what is tonight the modern Berlin area was Erik Eigermann. After his disappearance, however, one of his brood named Ilse Reinegger moved into those lands with a childe of her own (known as Gustav Breidenstein). Hungry for control, Gustav diablerized his own sire and ruled the city unchallenged, strictly monitoring the population of kindred within his domain by sending any unannounced visitor to his Final Death without much question. His vendettas against the Toreador and Tremere eventually lead him to support the Great War, which lead to a disastrous defeat and a severe diminishing of Breidenstein’s power, who was then forced to assemble a Primogen council for the first time of his praxis. In the aftermath of World War II, Berlin was divided in two separate districts by the victorious forces, and after the construction of the Berlin Wall (which was later thaumaturgical enforced), the city was ruled by two Princes. The East was continued to be ruled by Breidenstein and a dependent and sycophantic Primogen council in an alliance with the Brujah Council, while the West was ruled by Breidenstein’s childe Wilhelm Waldburg, who had previously worked to make alliances with other Clans to raise its standing within the Camarilla. When the wall came down, both sides were confronted with each other, each with different Elysia and customs, as well as expectations who should rule over the city.

Waldburg became the sole ruler of Berlin, after a brief power struggle and a mysterious “Blood Curse” claimed the unlives of multiple vampires, including Breidenstein. His policy was mainly marked by liberality, even freely inviting foreign vampires into his domain. His jurisdiction favored either the Blood Bond or banishment, contrasting to the harsh methods of his predecessor. The city was mainly populated by Ventrue and Malkavians (called Fledermaus by the inhabitants), with Gangrel and Brujah having the lowest number of inhabitants. The Nosferatu gained respect like in no other European city during the Cold War for their information networks, while the Toreador of Berlin were notorious for rumor-mongering and gossip. The Tremere had only a token presence within the city.]Individual city districts were ruled by bürgermeisters, who enforced the Prince’s edicts. They were usually Elders of some degree. Assamites and Setites made their Havens in the unclaimed district of Kreuzberg, while Ravnos caravans set up shop near Neukölln. Any Caitiff found within the city were put down immediately, since Waldburg shared the sentiment that the lax attitude of American princes regarding Caitiff was the source of much of their woes.

In 2005, the unthinkable happened when the Anarch Movement suddenly rose up and took total control of Berlin. While some within the Camarilla discussed attempting to take back the city, the Edict of Succession issued by the Justicariate in 2007 put the brakes on any such plans. This has left the Anarch's control of the city undisputed.


  • 1137: Erik Eigermann (NPC), the first Kindred of Berlin, is destroyed by Karl Schreckt (NPC), a witch-hunter from Vienna.
  • 1237: Ilse Reinegger (NPC), a Ventrue, arrives in Berlin. She establishes an early form of the Masquerade.
  • 1307: Ilse Reinegger is recognized of the Head of all Kindred in Upper Saxonia.
  • 1354: Ilse Reinegger is diablerized by her childe, Gustav Breidenstein (NPC), who then takes the mantle of Prince of Berlin.
  • 1575: A visiting Tremere forgets to introduce himself to the Prince, and Breidenstein destroys him for it. The Tremere send their Justicar, Karl Schreckt, to seek retribution. Breidenstein sends a letter of apology back to Vienna, tied to a stake in Schreckt's heart.
  • 1618 to 1648: The Thirty Years' War. The city loses half of its population.
    • During this time, the Tremere and the Ventrue put aside their differences to fight the Brujah, the Toreador, and the Sabbat together. After the war, the old enmity flares up again.
  • 1740: Frederick II, comes to power. Berlin becomes a center of Enlightenment thinkers.
    • The Toreador and the Tremere begin to work together. Prince Breidenstein accuses the Tremere of treachery.
  • 1806: French troops march into Berlin. The city was granted self-government and a far reaching military reform was started.
    • The French armies occupy Berlin as revenge for the destruction of three Toreador who had dared to doubt Breidenstein's talent as an artist; Breidenstein apologizes by destroying three of his own childer.
  • 1848: As in other European cities, 1848 was a revolutionary year in Berlin. Frederick William IV managed to suppress the revolution. One of his reactions was to raise the income condition to partake in the elections, with the result that only 5% of the citizens could vote. This system would stay in place until 1918.
    • Wilhelm Waldburg (NPC), one of Breidenstein's childer, makes a name for himself by thwarting Anarch and Sabbat plots.
  • 1914 - 1918: World War I
    • At the end of the war, which was believed to be partially instigated by Breidenstein himself, the Prince loses much of his power within Berlin. His childe, Waldburg, establishes a Council of Primogen.
  • 1933: Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. The Reichstag building was set on fire. The fire gave Hitler the opportunity to set aside the constitution.
    • Breidenstein uses Hitler's seizure of power to overthrow Waldburg and depose the Primogen.
  • 1945: Berlin was the objective for Allied troops. The Race to Berlin begins as does the battle of Berlin. The Germans refused to surrender unconditionally, despite the inability of under strength and ill-equipped armies to prevent the fall of the city. Hitler remained in supreme command.
    • Lupines invade the city. Many Berlin Kindred are destroyed, or fall into torpor.
  • 1948: The Berlin Blockade begins and lasts for almost a year. The Soviet Representatives with ties to the Brujah Clan cut off the Allied sectors of the city from all supply routes; they decide to give Germany the gift of Communism.
  • 1949: Breidenstein allies himself with the Brujah, who force him into a blood bond.
    • Waldburg returns and seizes power in West Berlin, establishing a new Primogen Council.
  • 1961: The Communist East German government started to build a wall, physically separating West Berlin from East Berlin.
    • Breidenstein and the Brujah support the construction of the Berlin wall, partially to disrupt the Nosferatu's information flow. From the other side, the Tremere grant Waldburg a favor and place powerful wards on the wall.
  • 1989: After a misleading press statement by Politburo member Günter Schabowski, border guards allowed crowds from East Berlin across the wall. The wall fell shortly after.
    • By cleverly brokering information, the Nosferatu manage to to incite the East Berlin Kine into a non-violent revolution, leading to the fall of the GDR.
  • 1991: Germany was reunited, as was the city of Berlin.
    • After a brief power struggle between Breidenstein and Waldburg, a blood curse claimed Breidenstein's life. Waldburg then claimed the praxis uncontested.
    • Baba Yaga rises from torpor in Russia, and many of the Berlin Brujah simply disappear.
  • 2005: The Anarch Movement finally succeeds in taking control of the city.

Vampires of Note

The following vampires of note have visited or resided in this location:

  • Erik Eigermann (NPC): Ventrue
    • Met Final Death in 1137 CE.
  • Ilse Reinegger (NPC): Ventrue
    • Resident of Berlin from 1237 CE to 1354 CE
    • Met Final Death in 1354 CE when she was diablerized by her childe Gustav Breidenstein
    • Head of all Kindred in Upper Saxonia from 1307 CE to 1354 CE
  • Gustav Breidenstein (NPC): Ventrue, Camarilla
    • Resident of Berlin from 1237 CE to 1991 CE.
    • Prince of Berlin from 1354 CE to 1991 CE
  • Karl Shreckt (NPC): Tremere (née Mortal), Camarilla
    • Present in Berlin in 1137 CE (as a Mortal), and again in 1575 CE (as Kindred)
  • Wilhelm Waldburg (NPC): Ventrue, Camarilla
    • Resident of Berlin from 1440 CE to 2005 CE
    • Ventrue Primogen from 1918 CE to 1933 CE
    • Prince of West Berlin from 1949 CE to 1991 CE
    • Prince of all Berlin from 1991 CE to 2005 CE
  • Goddarah
    • Resided in Berlin from 1602 to 1689.
    • Hunted Tremere in Berlin during WWI from 1915 to 1920.
  • Viktor von Stratus
    • Mortal in Berlin from early 1900s to 1927.
    • Resided as Sabbat in Berlin from 1927 to 1932.
    • Resided a final year as Camarilla in Berlin in 1933.
  • Eleanor Westmont
    • A Ventrue resident (ancilla, but of no reputable lineage) of Berlin from 1793 to 1848.
    • Struggled to win acceptance among the Kindred of Berlin.
  • Paulina Bouc
    • Resided in Berlin, avoiding kindred politics, from 1980 to 1989.