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The Ruins of Carthage
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The empire of the North African city-state of Carthage was a rival to Rome for centuries. Likewise, the vampires of Rome and Carthage held a bitter rivalry. The Ventrue ruled in Rome first under Prince Collat and later his childe Camilla, and the Brujah held power in Carthage under none other than their Antediluvian, Troile. The Brujah sought to turn Carthage into the heir to the Second City where vampires and kine could dwell in harmony, but they instead became tyrants who presided over slavery and infant sacrifice. Ultimately, the tide turned against Carthage and her vampires as more and more Clans allied with the Roman Ventrue during the Punic Wars between the two states.

The Malkavian seeress Tryphosa counseled Camilla to take action against Carthage; this prompted the Roman vampires to directly involve themselves in the Third Punic War. An alliance of many Clans in the region united under Camilla's leadership: Malkavians, Lasombra, Toreador, and Cappadocians. Carthage was destroyed by Roman forces at the end of this war in 146 BCE; its soil was salted. The Idealist Brujah would ever after resent the Ventrue for destroying their last, best chance at creating a Third City.

Character Background Restrictions:

  • None, though visits to this location are typically brief. Those who overstay their welcome in this land quickly disappear.

Vampires of Note

The following vampires of note have visited or resided in this location:

  • Judith Sheppard
    • Embraced after discovering a tomb and being attacked in 1977.