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The Country of India
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India has long been a country shrouded in mystery. It seems as though at one point or another, most Clans can trace parts of it's lineage back to the region. Despite this, the country is neither claimed by the Sabbat or the Camarilla. While the Ivory Tower is known to hold interests in the country, occasionally even controlling a city or two, India belongs to the Unaligned.

For as long as anyone could remember, India has been the stronghold of the Ravnos Clan... at least, until the Week of Nightmares.

Since that week in 1999, unlife in India has been extremely chaotic.


Brief history of location, including when the city changed Sect hands, etc.

Vampires of Note

The following vampires of note have visited or resided in this location:

  • Nalini Harlow
    • Mortal, resided in India from 1522 to 1551.
    • Keeper of Elysium in Hyderabad from 1730 to 1825.
  • Roman
    • Resided in Goa from 1558 to 1593.
  • Xerxes
    • Traveled India in search of the Holy Grail and other artifacts from 1638 to 1680.
  • Harry Massey
    • Resided in Mumbai (Bombay) as a member of the local Court and stake holder in the East India Company from 1710 to 1758.
    • Resided in Calcutta (Kolkata) and worked within the East India head office from 1759 to 1857.
    • Resided in Kolkata running a call center franchise from 1997 to 2017.
  • Manish
    • Born and raised in India from 1941 to 1962, embraced 1961.