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Rome, Italy
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The first vampiric society in Rome was founded by Tinia, an Etruscan Methuselah; like most of Rome's subsequent rulers (and most vampire Princes in general), she was a scion of Clan Ventrue. Rome was one of the first cities, if not the first city, to grow large enough for vampires of multiple clans to gather in one place in any significant number — or at least, the first time since the fall of the legendary Second City. This was likewise the first opportunity for the Nosferatu to gather in groups larger than individuals or their broods.

It became the center of vampiric activity on the European continent until the city fell to barbarians in the fourth century. Subsequently, the later the rise of the Inquisition drove many of the remaining vampires from the city. The presence of the Inquisition, the omnipresence of Holy Ground and persons with True Faith make permanently claiming domain here dangerous for most vampires in modern nights. This made Rome an ideal place to store dangerous artifacts, like the remnants of the library of Cappadocius. There are even time periods where the city simply had no Prince, because the number of active vampires were too low.

Modern Rome is under the rule of the Nosferatu, who claim large parts of the Roman catacombs as their own. The Prince, an ancient being named Darius, is rumored to have influence far beyond the city borders. Next to the Nosferatu, the city attracts numerous Toreador and the Tremere Councilor of Western Europe, Grimgroth, resides in a hidden Chantry within the city. The Giovanni are known to use members of their mortal families to move within the city.


  • 753 BCE: Foundation of Rome, either by Romulus or, more prosaically, by Etruscans. Tinia (NPC) and other Ventrue first arrive on the Italian peninsula.
  • 548 BCE: Mi-ka-il (as "Beshter") (NPC) settles in Rome.
  • 400s BCE: Prince Collat (NPC) establishes a Roman Senate for vampires: the Eternal Senate.
    • Collat Embraces Camilla (NPC).
  • 300s BCE: Collat disappears. Camilla succeeds his Sire as the Prince of Rome.
  • 264 BCE: The First Punic War begins. The Malkavian Inanna (NPC) is among the first of her Clan to urge Rome to fight Carthage.
  • Mid-200s BCE: Roman Ventrue begin to migrate to the Iberian peninsula in the wake of the First Punic War.
  • 146 BCE: Rome conquers Greece. Later, Rome destroys Carthage, ending the Third Punic War.
  • 64: Great Fire devastates Rome. Prince Camilla vanishes.
    • Constantius (NPC) soon claims the praxis of Rome for himself.
  • 410: The Sack of Rome, the beginning of the Long Night.
  • 1229: A series of earthquakes devastate Rome. Prince Constantius' haven is destroyed, and the Prince himself suffers the Final Death under the sunlight. The earthquake also jostles the Methuselah Camilla out of torpor.
    • The Malkavian Tryphosa (NPC) claims praxis.
  • 2002: The Nosferatu Darius (NPC) becomes Prince of Rome.

Vampires of Note

The following vampires of note have visited or resided in this location:

  • Collat (NPC): Ventrue
    • Prince of Rome from antiquity to ~300s BCE.
  • Camilla (NPC): Ventrue
    • Prince of Rome from ~300s BCE to 64 CE.
  • Constantius (NPC): Lasombra
    • Prince of Rome from 64 CE to 1229 CE.
  • Tryphosa (NPC): Malkavian
    • Prince of Rome from 1229 to 2002 CE.
  • Darius (NPC): Nosferatu, Camarilla
    • Prince of Rome from 2002 CE to present.
  • Archivist
    • Resided in Rome from 126 to 165.
    • Witnessed the sack of Rome in 410.
  • Narses Cato
    • Mortal, Resided in an Abbey in Rome from 412 to 435.
  • Dragée Sauvage
    • Mortal, born Secondus Romulus Axius to a Senator from 417 to 442.
  • Felix
    • Participated in the Fall of Rome in 476 CE.
  • Roman
    • Embraced, resided in Rome from 999 to 1099.
  • Galanan Deireanach
    • Mortal, Arrived in Rome, and left shortly thereafter with a caravan carrying an Ambassador from 1078 to 1080.
  • Gaius Fane
    • Performed Research in Rome from 1351 to 1354.
  • Thelonious Regulus
    • Mortal, resided in Rome as part of the upper class from 1420 to 1458.
    • Embraced, resided in Rome as part of the local Court from 1483 to 1515.
    • Resided in Rome, heavy into politics, from 1629 to 1780.
  • Ariadne
    • Resided in Rome from 1455 to 1915.
    • Resided in Rome from 1940 to 1949.
  • Jean LaBeau
    • Resided in Rome, studying libraries for various occult and other knowledge, from 1473 to 1556.
  • Amara
    • Enlisted the aid of a Ventrue in Rome to travel from there to Egypt in 1491.
  • Roman
    • Traveled to Rome to help Amara in 1493.
  • Eleanore Borgia
    • Born in Rome, the illegitimate child of Cesare Borgia, in 1501.
  • Goddarah
    • Wandered in Rome from 1510 to 1537.
    • Resided in Rome from 1560 to 1602.
  • Salomé St. John
    • Collected writings of Moshe Chaim Luzzatto in Rome from 1720 to 1729.