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The countries that make up Scandinavia are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, including the associated territories of Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and the Aland Islands. These are also known as the Nordic Countries. Any country above that does not have it's own wiki page will be consolidated on this page.

The countries of Scandinavia were once the land of the Einherjar, ruled by the powerful Gangrel Methuselah known as the "All-High". The All-High regulated much of the vampires' unlife in the North, as nearly every powerful vampire within Scandinavia was part of his progeny. Many of his customs were adopted by local elders who styled themselves as childer(or grandchilder) of the All-High in order to impress their lackeys. When Christianity came to the North, the people of Sweden converted en masse. In 1087 they stormed the temple of the All-High and drove him off with fire, steel and true faith. With his disappearance, paganism and the established order among the Norse vampires fell apart and his followers vanished in the dark.

Although the vampire population once largely consisted of Brujah and Gangrel, the ongoing Christianization of the Scandinavians after the fall of Uppsala brought with them many Ventrue. Lasombra, and Toreador. In a series of battles, the combined European vampires defeated the Einherjar and drove their allies, the savage all-female Gangrel band known as the Valkyries, into the forests. With the rise of feudalism, the Old Ways were quickly forgotten in the aftershock of the Anarch Revolt and the formation of the Camarilla, whose consequent establishment of secrecy had no place for the ways of the Einherjar. Some of the surviving Einherjar joined the Scandinavian Sabbat, but their traditions became quickly consumed by the Sect and assimilated into a side branch of their agenda of war against the Antediluvians.

In modern nights, the Princes of Scandinavia (considered to be the countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) are largely Ventrue with ties to England or Germany, though the Toreador are also strong here. These Princes have been known to work harmoniously together, and are supporters of a United Europe. Peace in the region, despite the few Sabbat stragglers (mostly Tzimisce), has been consistent for centuries. This changed suddenly when a vampire believed to be the All-High appeared in Uppsala during the Week of Nightmares. Widespread chaos ensued among the vampire and mortal populace, and abruptly came to an end when he disappeared again after a few nights. The Ventrue of Sweden spent months afterwards cleaning up the Masquerade. While Scandinavia seems to be on relatively steady footing now, all seem to be holding their breath, wondering if and when the Einherjar may attempt to rise again.


Once, Denmark was considered a part of the larger Einherjar dominion. The beginning of the end was marked by the Christianization of the Danish people and their kingdom being united under a single ruler in the tenth century. Vampires from the European mainland shortly followed, and by the early thirteenth century the country was firmly under the rule of the Ventrue Clan. In modern nights, the capital city of Copenhagen is ruled by Arminta Jorgensdatter.


Finland is an ancient land, home to ancient magic and ancient vampires. The most notable resident being the Malkavian Methuselah Louhi, a powerful witch who has reportedly made her home in the country since before the common era. The rare Gangrel bloodline of mystics and seers known as the Noaid were said to have originated here sometime during the Dark Ages.

When most of Scandinavia fell to the Ventrue after the fall of Uppsala, Finland was an anomaly. A savage Gangrel named Erik Longtooth with a disdain for Christianity took control of Finland, and invited all of the remnants of the Einherjar to join him in his "Free State". One of the All-High's childer, Ulfsdottir, allied herself with him by becoming his main enforcer. Beyond maintaining the peace within the country, Ulfsdottir also ensured that Erik did not abuse the inhabitants of the Free State for his vendetta against the Church. This Free State lasted until 1696, when a battle between Methuselahs posioned the very earth of the country, and caused a great famine. In the chaos that followed, the Ventrue who had previously been held at bay finally saw their chance to usurp control from the last of the Einherjar. They succeeded, mostly.

While most of Scandinavia remains in the hands of the Camarilla (the capital city of Helsinki is ruled by Harold, a Ventrue in the line of Mithras), Finland is contested. Here, remnants of the Sabbat have entrenched themselves after having fled other parts of Europe. While many later sought passage to the west, quite a few (particularly those of the Tzimisce Clan) decided to hold out and keep parts of Finland in the grip of the Sword of Caine. The city of Oulu is ruled by Archbishop Gunnhild.


Norway is a typical Scandinavian country as far as the vampiric world is concerned, save for one glaring thing; it has been the longtime home of a large community of Nordic Followers of Set. These Setites first began popping up after a Norse merchant named Arnulf Jormungandrsson returned from abroad in the 9th century, embraced into the Clan of Serpents. He founded his own temple, the Hall of Jormungandr in the following centuries, and his brood grew quickly in number. Arnulf was relatively popular in the city of Oslo, even serving as a member of the Court. When Arnulf fell out of favor, a fellow Serpent named Ganglot replaced him as a councilor to the Ventrue Prince Agnethe, though he holds no official Court position. Soon after, the Setites in Oslo began to gravitate towards the leadership of Arnulf's childe, Valdís Hel-Blár. When Arnulf left the city for good, Valdis rededicated the Hall of Jormungandr (now just referred to as "The Hall") to her own cult, the Children of Loki. In modern nights, the capital city of Oslo is still ruled by the Ventrue Prince, Agnethe Sannstre.


The country of Sweden, by way of Uppsala, was considered to be the center of Einherjar society until the fall of the All-High. His disappearance and the vanishing of his followers left a giant power vacuum in the country, one that was quickly filled by the Ventrue. In modern nights, the entirety of the country is held by a single praxis that stems back to the fall of the Kalmar Union. Ruling from the country's capital in Stockholm, the Ventrue Olav Wiklund holds on to his Princedom by a thread. The appearance of the All-High in XXXX and the chaos that ensued in the aftermath have caused many to lose confidence in his leadership.

Locations of Note



  • 960: The Danes became fully Christianized and united as a single kingdom under Harald Bluetooth. Vampires from the mainland of Europe, primarily German and British Ventrue and French Toreador began to soon appearing on Denmark's shores. They began to clash with the preexisting Einherjar population.
  • 1201: Shortly after the construction of the cathedral of Copenhagen (Church of Our Lady), a Ventrue originally from Germany named Frederick (NPC) takes praxis of the city. This begins the period of Ventrue expansion in the country.
  • 1224: Frederick is slain by a rebellious faction of Einherjar. They are swiftly hunted down and destroyed. The remaining remnant of Einherjar largely leave Denmark for good, many seeking sanctuary in Finland. Fortinbras (NPC), a Ventrue, takes praxis of Copenhagen.
  • 1789: Arminta Jorgensdatter (NPC), a Ventrue, takes praxis of Copenhagen.


  • 200 BCE: Louhi (NPC) is Embraced by Lerterimas (NPC), a childe of Malkav.
  • 1087: When the Temple of Uppsala falls, a Gangrel named Erik Longtooth (NPC) takes full control over Finland (presumably with the blessing of Louhi). He invites all of the remnants of the Einherjar to join him in his "Free State".
  • 1696: Ikkenai (NPC), a powerful Gangrel Methuselah roams through the country and comes into conflicts with the local Sabbat. This disruption earns her the enmity of the Malkavian Methuselah Louhi (NPC). The two did battle, which reeked havoc, and resulted with the Gangrel Methuselah in torpor.
    • The result of the Methuselahs' battle seemed to poison the very earth, causing a great crop famine.
    • Ikkenai's buried body was later excavated by one of her childer and removed from the country.
  • 1697: During the famine, the Ventrue are finally able to usurp the country from Erik Longtooth, bringing to an end the last ruler of the Einherjar.
    • The Ventrue Harold- known as Harold the Bearded- (NPC) takes praxis of Helsinki.
    • During the chaos, the Sabbat that had been interspersed in the "Free State" decide to stake a claim of their own, claiming the city of Oulu under Archbishop Gunnhild.


  • 850: Arnulf Jormungandrsson (NPC) returns to Norway from abroad, collecting followers and laying the foundation of the Hall of Jormungandr (then merely a cult).
  • 1100: A Lasombra named Almaric Trevelyan (NPC) arrives in Oslo as the Church's influence begins to increase. He becomes the defacto Prince of a small vampiric population, which was surprisingly comprised mainly of Followers of Set.
  • 1125: The Hall of Jormungandr, a Nordic Setite Temple, is founded in Oslo by Arnulf Jormungandrsson.
  • 1204: Herman Radov (NPC), a Ventrue, siezes praxis of Oslo from Almaric in a bloody coup.
  • 1624: A great fire destroys much of the old city of Oslo, including the haven of Prince Radov. Another Ventrue, Agnethe Sannrste (NPC), quickly claims praxis in wake of his demise. There are rumors that the great fire was no accident.
  • 1941: Arnulf Jormungandrsson falls in disfavor with the Court of Oslo. He leaves the city soon after. His childe, Valdís Hel-Blár (NPC), takes over the Hall of Jormungandr (from then on simply referred to as "The Hall").


  • 476: Werter (NPC), a Gangrel of the All-High's line, begins to manage the night to night goings on in the city of Uppsala in the name of the Methuselah.
  • 1087: The temple at Uppsala (home to the All-High and many Einherjar) was burned by mortals. Most Einherjar survived, though they fled the city and did not return.
  • 1520: Olav Wiklund (NPC), a Ventrue, takes praxis of all Sweden. He rules from the capital city of Stockholm.
  • 1999: A vampire believed to be the All-High (NPC) reappears in Uppsala during the Week of Nightmares after a near thousand-year absence. Chaos ensues. He disappears after the Week of Nightmares comes to an end.

Vampires of Note

The following vampires of note have visited or resided in this location:

  • Odin, All-High (NPC): Gangrel
    • Ruler of the Einherjar until 1087 CE.
  • Agnethe Sannrste (NPC): Ventrue, Camarilla
    • Resident of Oslo, Norway from 1624 CE to Present.
    • Prince of Oslo, Norway from 1624 CE to Present.
  • Almaric Trevelyan (NPC): Lasombra
    • Resident of Oslo, Norway from 1100 CE to Present.
    • Prince of Oslo, Norway from 1100 CE to 1204 CE.
  • Arminta Jorgensdatter (NPC): Ventrue, Camarilla
    • Resident of Denmark from 1789 CE to Present.
    • Prince of Copenhagen from 1789 CE to Present.
  • Arnulf Jormungandrsson (NPC): Follower of Set, Independent Alliance
    • Janus Guard of the Independent Alliance.
    • Resident of Oslo, Norway from 850 CE to 1941 CE.
  • Erik Longtooth (NPC): Gangrel, Einherjar
    • Resident of Finland from 1087 CE to Present.
    • Prince of Finland from 1087 CE to 1697 CE.
  • Fortinbras (NPC): Ventrue, Camarilla
    • Resident of Denmark from 1224 CE to Present.
    • Prince of Copenhagen from 1224 CE to 1789 CE.
  • Frederick (NPC): Ventrue
    • Resident of Denmark from 1201 CE until his final death in 1224 CE.
    • Prince of Copenhagen from 1201 CE to 1224 CE.
  • Gunnhild (NPC): Tzimisce, Sabbat
    • Archbishop of Oulu, Finland from 1697 CE to present.
  • Harold the Bearded (NPC): Ventrue, Camarilla
    • Resident of Finland from 1697 CE to Present.
    • Prince of Helsinki, Finland from 1697 CE to Present.
  • Herman Radov (NPC): Ventrue, Camarilla
    • Resident of Oslo, Norway from 1204 CE until his Final Death in 1624 CE.
    • Prince of Oslo, Norway from 1204 CE to 1624 CE.
  • Ikkenai (NPC): Gangrel, Unaligned
    • Present in Finland in 1697.
  • Lerterimas (NPC): Malkavian, Unaligned
    • Present in Finland in 200 BCE.
  • Louhi (NPC): Malkavian, Unaligned
    • Resident of Finland from 200 BCE to present.
  • Olav Wiklund (NPC): Ventrue, Camarilla
    • Resident of Stockholm, Sweden from 1520 CE to Present.
    • Prince of Sweden from 1520 CE to present.
  • Valdís Hel-Blár (NPC): Follower of Set, Independent Alliance
    • High Priestess of the Children of Loki
    • Resident of Oslo, Norway from 850 CE to present.
  • Werter (NPC): Gangrel, Einherjar
    • Resident of Sweden from 476 CE to 1087 CE.
  • Greybeard
    • Traveled through Norway and other parts of Scandinavia from 411 to 475.
    • Returned to travel through Scandinavia, witnessing births and acting as a seer, from 476 to 1923.
    • Resided largely in the Galdhøpiggen in the Jötunheimr Mountains, Norway from 1975 to 2017.
  • Inga Tonna
    • Resided in parts of Norway and Sweden, in addition to some time sailing the Baltic from 517 CE to 1000 CE.
    • Traveled to and from Norway throughout 1868 to 1892.
  • Huld
    • Mortal, wandered across Scandinavia and into Europe from 552 to 559.
    • Wandered between Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway as a vǫlva for Norse Kindred and mortal families from 808 to 1000.
    • Resided in Iceland from 1234 to 1348.
    • Resided in Greenland as something of a shaman from 1348 to 1722.
    • Rested in Tonsberg, Norway from 1856 to 1999.
  • Siegrid of the True North
    • Mortal, resided in Denmark from 692 to 728.
    • Embraced, resided in Denmark from 728 to 788.
    • Resided in Denmark and took actions against peace with Charlamagne from 800 to 850.
    • Resided in Norway from 850 to 866.
    • Resided in Denmark from 965 to 986.
    • Explored Iceland and Greenland 986 to 1000.
    • Resided in Gotland, Sweden from 1000 to 1043.
    • Resided in Oslo, Norway from 1043 to 1100.
    • Resided in Iceland from 1100 to 1215.
    • Involved in death of Frederick in 1224 and resided in Finland from 1224 to 1325.
    • Resided in Denmark from 1534 to 1715.
  • Fáelán Dubhshlaine
    • Mortal, resided in Vardo, Finland from 746 to 776.
    • Involved in Vardo Witch Trials, helping descendants escape, from 1625 to 1675.
  • Gunnar
    • Mortal. Resided in Oslo, Norway from 815 to 843.
    • Embraced on Gotland Island, and resided until his Accounting was complete from 844 to 869.
    • Resided in Iceland from 950 to 1003.
  • Zeth Hope Agmundr
    • Resided in Iceland from 934 to 1262.
    • Resided between mainland Scandinavia and other countries from 1262 to 1500.
    • Resided in Iceland from 1500 to 1700.
  • Rumi
    • Resided in Tønsberg from 965 to 1001.
  • Narses Cato
    • Resided in Trondheim from 986 to 1600.
    • Prince Olaf's Chamberlain from 998 to 1098.
    • Torpor from 1287 to 1520.
  • Olaf Magnusson
    • Praxis of Trondheim, Norway from 998 to 1098.
    • Continued to reside in Trondheim until 1610.
  • Sonne Arrokh
    • Born and resided in Norway from 697 to 732.
    • Resided in Trondheim, helped take hold of the city from 718 to 732
    • Ghouled in Trondheim in 732 until 850, where she was embraced Nosferatu.
    • Active in the Kindred court of Trondheim, Norway from 956 to 1002.
    • Frequently vists Trondheim during her travels from 1050 until 1100.
  • Meliora
    • Ghoul. Resided in Oslo, Norway from 1000 to 1048.
  • Raven of House of Bashing
    • Mortal, resided near what is now Tonsberg, Norway from 1000 to 1052.
    • Embraced, resided near what is now Tonsberg, Norway from 1052 to 1082.
  • Hlif Livunn Grimsdottir
    • Mortal, resided in Borg, Norway and eventually becomes a shield-maiden from 1017 to 1035.
    • Ghouled to Arne in 1035.
    • Embraced, resides in Norway until she is staked by her ghoul after an attack on their Hall on Lofoten Islands and hidden away in 1510.
    • Discovered by other Kindred in 2018.
  • Cyneward
    • Resided in Gotland, Sweden from 1062 to 1067.
  • Æthered
    • Resided in Oslo from 1170 to 1173.
    • Resided in Norway near the mountain in galdhøpiggenand from 1173 to 1195.
    • Resided on the island of Vagaron from 1250 to 1270.
    • Resided near the mountain in galdhøpiggenand from 1290 to 1330.
    • Resided near the mountain in galdhøpiggenand from 1347 to 1391.
    • Resided near the mountain in galdhøpiggenand from 1450 to 1531.
    • Resided near the mountain in galdhøpiggenand from 1588 to 1618.
    • Resided near the mountain in galdhøpiggenand from 1656 to 1690.
    • Resided near the mountain in galdhøpiggenand from 1715 to 1735.
    • Resided near the mountain in galdhøpiggenand from 1760 to 1790.
    • Resided near the mountain in galdhøpiggenand from 1800 to 1815.
    • Resided on the island of Spitsbergen, Norway from 1999 to 2010.
  • Ula Olafsdottir
    • Mortal, resided in Norway from 1305 to 1324.
    • Embraced in Tydal, Norway in 1324.
  • Gaius Fane
    • Resided in Helsinki, Finland from 1355 to 1480.
  • Agathon Silanus
    • Involved in the collapse of the Western and Eastern Viking settlements of Greenland from 1400 to 1410.
  • Nyr tunglfylling
    • Mortal, born and resided in Iceland from 1500 to 1527.
    • Embraced, resided in Vatnajökull, Iceland from 1527 to 1577.
    • Resided in Finland from 1577 to 1697.
    • Resided in Öraefajökull, Iceland from 1697 to 1783.
    • Resided in Trondheim, Norway from 1783 to 1813.
    • Took up arms against the Sweden invasion into Norway in 1814.
    • Resided in Sweden from 1991 to 1999.
  • Verity Adams
    • Resided in Trondheim, Norway, and part of the local Court, from 1540 to 1590.
  • Dante Fausto Giovanni
    • Resided in Livonia in the Baltic region during the Livonian War from 1558 to 1583.
    • Resided in the Baltic States during the Great Northern War from 1700 to 1721.
  • Rikard Bouwman
    • Resided in Stockholm, Sweden from 1630 to 1648.
    • Resided in Stockholm, Sweden from 1941 to 1945.
  • Irma Kardos
    • Acknowledged in Trondheim, Norway in 1650 upon joining the Camarilla.
  • Torben Kleiber
    • Traveled through Norway from 1670 to 1673.
    • Traveled through Sweden from 1673 to 1676.
  • Nyr tunglfylling
    • Mortal. Born in Iceland in 1727.
    • Ghouled. Resided in Iceland from 1754 to 1783.
    • Resided in Norway, and is embraced in that time, from 1783 to 1814.
    • Resided in Sweden from 1991 to 1999.
  • Tyr'
    • Mortal, maritime merchant out of Oslo seeking artifacts and a pioneer of nationalist resurgence of interest in Norse myths and legends from 1730 to 1773.
    • Ghoul, maritime trader out of Oslo from 1773 to 1800.
    • Embraced, trained by members of the Hall of Jormungandr from 1800 to 1810.
    • Resided in Oslo with occasional trading expeditions from 1810 to 1880.
  • Freida
    • Soldier for the English in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1807.
  • Niko Koskinen
    • Born in Western Novgorod (Modern Eastern Finland) in 1295.
  • Ingolf Freyrsson
    • Mortal, resided in Iceland from 1900 to 1924.
    • Embraced, resided in Iceland from 1924 to 1934.
  • Anne Dumas
    • Embraced Haakon in Finnmark and trained him as they traveled south from 1942 to 1945.