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Temple of Uppsala
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During the reign of the All-High, the Temple of Uppsala was the seat of Odin's faith and power. The temple, re-imagined, rebuilt, and expanded over the centuries came to resemble the Valhall itself in the imagination of the inhabitants. Those blessed to enter the temple were usually ghouls, at the least. They were joined by his loyal Einherjar, the huskarls, and his Walkuries for nightly revelry, feats of combat, and feasts of wild boar.

Rumor carried through the vampires of the northern lands that the centerpiece of Odin's table was the All-High's legendary Blood-horn. It was said that when the massive drinking horn was filled with mead, a single drop of the All-High's vitae would transform the mead into his blood. With the power of this artifact, the All-High was able to sustain himself and his mighty retinue without depleting all of the mortals of the surrounding territory.

In 1087 CE, after most of the surrounding area had converted to Christianity, the temple was attacked en masse and cleared of its inhabitants by sharp steel, unyielding faith, and unstoppable fire. The temple burned taking many of Odin's Walkaries to their Final Death. The All-High was not seen after that night, and his influence in the region was thought to have died with him.

Character Background Restrictions:

  • Only vampires with backgrounds in Scandinavia before 1087 may have backgrounds in this location.
  • If said vampire was not on good terms with the Einherjar, they would need to justify how they were able to visit this sacred location and make it out alive.

Vampires of Note

The following vampires of note have visited or resided in this location:

Greybeard is known to have been a disciple of the All-High.