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The United Kingdom - Wales
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ST Notes

DPOTM in the UK is handled jointly by the MES ANST DpotM and WTG NST.

  • The settings document for the UK can be found here.
  • If you wish to submit a background in the United Kingdom, you MUST first read that document.
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  • For any other questions, email the WTG NST

Backgrounds in the following locations are active VSSes and require you to contact the VST for approval.


The following areas make up Wales:


Cardiff was long a Camarilla city, but even before the Nights of Turmoil began the Ivory Tower’s reign was shaky there. While through Victorian and Regency times the Court flourished, the 20th Century saw many changes, as the surrounding and supporting industries of mining and tourism dwindled into mortal poverty. Young Kindred no longer wanted to stay in Cardiff, and post-WWII, the numbers of the Court were very thin indeed.

Sabbat skirmishes before the coming of the Red Star and the Nights of Turmoil wore the domain down further still, and by 2005 it was lost entirely to the Camarilla. There may still be much to be reclaimed here, but that is perhaps for the future to discover.

Newport and the Valleys

Newport and the surrounding Welsh Valleys is the final UK Domain to have been granted to the Sabbat under the Chicago Blood Accord, and it is a grim place indeed. The Domain of Newport is a post-industrial wreck, partly built with the utilitarian post-war hope of the 1950s to meet what was then seen as an expanding coal mining industry in the surrounding Valleys, partially consisting of small and run-down rural sub-communities once united by industry and the native church, the best of the housing there bought up and renovated by wealthy young overspill commuters from Cardiff.

Once Newport and the Valleys were flourishing communities, where a job in the mining industry was a job for life, and generations of the same family worked together in the hard and dangerous but tight-knit communities of the coal pits and stone quarries, but the years since the catastrophic Labour government of the mid-1970s have taken all that away. .

Now, class divisions and seething resentment of the recent rush of Irish and Eastern European economic migrants is rife amongst the area’s struggling families, just as previous mortal generations had resented government-sponsored immigration from the Caribbean. Violence and substance abuse abound, and the future seems as empty as the last syringe or glass. This is a part of the United Kingdom where, unusually, methamphetamine abuse has taken hold - there is non-urban space to produce the drug, and the need for a low-price, low-grade escape from reality.

And here, in this desolate landscapes of skeletal, abandoned pits and ragged, dug-out hills, in this town where suicide rates soar high above the national average and there is nothing to do but work out and go to fighting gyms, no jobs to go to, where all the worst forms of supernatural life and manifestation gather, the Sabbat have hold - and have, perhaps, their strongest pool of subjects to recruit from. In a state of cold war, of course, there is time to watch and wait - to see those who are intelligent but live wasted lives, who are strong but pitifully addicted. It is a place of fascination for the Lasombra in particular - lives almost at rock bottom that can be knocked just those few steps further, and then remade for the glory of Caine.

Welsh is spoken widely in this Domain, since government moves to reintroduce the language through schools in since the 1990s, and is used by the area’s native sons and daughters as another weapon, along with fists and knives, against intruders.

The Bishop of Newport is Welsh, a preacher of the area’s strong Methodist traditional faith; a strange-seeming choice, perhaps, but a Kindred devoted in his work.

Bishop: Rhys Morgan, Lasombra



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Newport and the Valleys

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Elsewhere in Wales

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Vampires of Note

The following vampires of note have visited or resided in this location:

  • Cyneward
    • Resided in Southern England and Wales from 1052 to 1062.
  • Rosmerta
    • Resided in Cardiff, and part of the local Court, from 1912 to 2000.