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The Weeping Stone
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When a Cainite is initiated into the Black Hand, many make a pilgrimage to the fabled Weeping Stone to fulfill their vows. It is unlikely that they will be traveling alone; for reasons of safety and security, pilgrim Packs are usually somewhat larger than the average Pack.

The journey is long and full of numerous hazards, as the pilgrims must travel great distances over land and sea, through the territories of Camarilla princes; foreign Sabbat cities; open wilderness where little prey can be found; and the domains of so-called “Independent” Clans, including the Assamites, as they draw closer to their destination. The Weeping Stone is located somewhere in Iraq, hidden by natural features of the land and by subtle and ancient magic. It is rumored to be close to the fabled Assamite Fortress of the Alamut, and as such, all who make this journey do all they can to avoid notice.

The journey is as much spiritual as physical; the legend of Zillah‘s Tears is part of the very heart of the Black Hand’s apocalyptic mythology. Those members of the Black Hand never leave just the same as they were when they arrived.

Character Background Restrictions:

  • Only Sabbat Black Hand may have backgrounds in this location.

Vampires of Note

The following vampires of note have visited or resided in this location: