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Asha Vahishta (Commonly Known)

Name: Vahishtael
Type: Mage (Obrimos)
Union Membership: Explorers
Chartered Company: Unsigned
Age: 93
Apparent Age: 30-something
Notable Traits:

  • Always wears a head covering of some variety
  • Fire and sun iconography
  • Ascetic

Frequently Found:

  • Symphonica System - Opus, Hanamichi Station
  • Sandor System - Karma (Home), Nimiz and Darim Station

Mazdavestani - (Description)

Vahishtael is a human male in his prime with dark hair kept shorn close to his scalp and a neatly trimmed chinstrap beard. Fit of body with a swarthy complexion, he is almost never seen without a scarf wrapped around his neck and often the lower portion of his face, leaving glittering, intense eyes of a bright blue free to take in the world around him.

His clothing is simple and of an ancient style; loose pants that wrap so that they leave air free to move across the skin, a loose, long tunic shirt; his clothing is nearly always gray or white, with black being seen on very rare instances.

Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta - (Historical)

As a young man, the youth who would grow to one day become the magus Vahishtael grew up on a small planet settled by a people who call themselves 'Mazdavestani'. Distant descendants of Avestani Persians who fled religious persecution, they settled a planet to lead quiet, peaceful lives in a simple, agrarian society. Early life was quite pleasant, but life was changed when he suddenly Awakened.

The details of his mystery play remain shrouded but the fact remains that though he was brought up a child of peace and light, during his Awakening he summoned powerful evocations of fire, sound and unmitigated force. Whether these energies were meant to be destructive or not they shattered every structure and snuffed out nearly every life in his village. Soon after, he was exiled from the only home he had ever known, less because he had become other-than and more because none of the Mazadvestani could be convinced that his power was anything but murderous and destructive.

Having no money or shelter, he signed on with the EFMC to try and give himself proximity to other supernaturals who might help him learn to master his new abilities and to try to put them to good use. The Silent War was a morass of savagery and the use of his new magic to destroy swathes of life stood against all of the values of his upbringing but as time wore on he found himself changing...becoming the emotionless marine he needed to be to continue fighting in the war. When humanity rejected the supernatural out of fear of their capabilities, the young mage struggled with his outrage at the sacrifices of the Corps being so easily discarded and the deep seated values instilled in him by his religious upbringing.

In the end, he left the Core and the Marine Corps when General Tiengo resigned, and followed in the General's footsteps by joining the Explorer's Union. Not long afterward, he aided in the settlement the desert planet of Karma with a family of Proximi and Awakened, living an ascetic lifestyle beneath the ground and farming in carefully maintained greenhouse domes above.

The People - (Common Associates)

  • Liro Ur-Rahat - A fellow hunter, but one far more skilled than I, and a true friend.
  • Fancy - Something complicatedly simple; he strives to test the boundaries of all of my vows.
  • Jaana Adair - The phrase 'physician, heal thyself' comes to mind, but all of her treatments for herself tend to form scar tissue and be temporary at best. We've a long road to walk to find that place of healing where she can see the light shining through.
  • Gontran Saône - There was a time when everyone spoke his name with smiles on their face, and now that the fickle light of fame is fading, he struggles to reconcile who he was with who he has become. Another whose journey I share and hope to aid.
  • Vida Dolce - I am reminded of the presence of God each time I hear her voice, and transported to that which is best in me.

Speaking of...

  • “The Law is not about protection. The Law is a state of being. The Law is a point of balance that constructs a truth around itself - where the wild ram bows to the shepherd, and the hungry wolf stays its jaws to watch over the sleeping lamb. The Law calls, and he answers. Good hunting.” Liro Ur-Rahat
  • "Vahi is the lighthouse in the maelstrom of my mind and heart...the guide that I needed at the beginning of my journey, and the compass star that continues to light my way. He is the tiny spirit of Hope in the bottom of my Pandora's box that is filled with so much darkness." Jaana Adair
  • "At this day and age, we get to choose our family. Vahi was family from the moment we met. The song resonated in him and in me and we have been family from that moment." Vida Dolce
  • "He's good people, I just wish he'd stop trying to help my patrons find enlightenment when they're trying to drink. I do enjoy our talks when he visits though... and paying for his tab over at the competition." Jaq Graves
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Rumor Has It

  • Served as human heavy artillery during the Silent War.
  • Belongs to the Karma Resistance Movement.
  • Is not particularly observant of his vows.

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OOC Information

Player: Kenny Cole

Player Email: Email for In Character/Game Related Things

Storyteller: Christopher Hutchinson

Storyteller Email: MHK Space VST

Location: Manhattan, KS



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