Valentina Cole

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Clan: Brujah

Camarilla Position: Harpy

Status Traits:

  • Prominent (Abiding) as a Harpy of the Camarilla
  • Noble (Abiding) as a Harpy of the Camarilla
  • Guardian (Abiding) as a Harpy of the Camarilla


Valentina Cole cuts a strikingly elegant figure compared to her usual surroundings. Her face is immaculately painted always, even though large sun glasses hide her eyes. While her attire doesn’t seem effective for a fighter, her minimalist style leaves little to be used against her in a fight. She can usually be found hovering behind Vincent, one of the local mob bosses in the Columbus area. She is a woman of little words, but great actions.

Known Associates

  • Vincent Disicario
  • Richard Powers


  • She's dating a creepy mountain man.
  • She doesn't like being the Harpy.
  • She's only snapped once, and Vincent is the only one that survived.
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  • "I think this Brujah is what they really meant by Murder Harpy" - Virgil Silex
  • "Quiet, effective, and deadly. With fist or phrase, she can destroy your world." - Damien Summers, Ventrue Primogen of Columbus
  • Insert quote here. - Your name


  • "Shades" - Luke Cage
  • Doug Stamper - House of Cards


OOC Information

Player: Jordan Bilak

Player Email:

Storyteller: Nick Dockery

Storyteller Email:

Location: Columbus, Georgia