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  • Elder



  • Confirmed, Established, and Privileged from Elder


  • Honorable, Courteous, Loyal, and Favored

Notable Traits

Symbol: The Caged Bird, found on the wax seal of all her letters.
Decorum: Never swears in public.
Eerie Presence: The smell of old books and an aged library.
Eerie Presence: Violet Eyes
Pendant: The same caged bird is always worn around her neck.



Valeria carries herself akin to most elder Ventrue with the air of propriety, but those who've watched enough people can note her posture showing off sever discomfort and near uncertainty in large groups of kindred. Her humanity has remained a beacon for those around her and she hasn't appeared to lose touch with her humanity in all her years. She's a bit soft around the edges when finally engaged in conversation. Her skill as a loremasister is echoed through her conversation and her pursuit of knowledge has never seemed to stop even in her late age. Any who spend a great deal of time around her have picked up on her caregiver nature, and often can see past the initial first impression of discomfort and tightly wound internalization.


Valeria's physical appearance is that of a red haired Hungarian woman with striking violet eyes. She is of average height, but her natural beauty is not hard to hide though she does her best to remain modest in apparel. Her long red hair is usually thrown into a tight bun. Her outfits very but green seems to be a consistent color among her clothing as well as a necklace with a caged bird pendant that hangs around her neck.

This is a group founded in 1435 by a handful of elders and ancillae who sought out to begin an organization based off of gaining lores, recovering important academic texts, archeological findings, keeping up with kindred history, scientific exploration, and maintaining information that could easily be purchased by anyone having problems looking to get the Minerva Society’s aid in information about what could be plaguing them. The Minerva Society was Valeria’s creation as an ancillae, and with the assistance of several kindred, her dreams of preserving kindred history, and providing a network of information to prevent ignorance in kindred society came true. Her ultimate goal with the organization is to rebuild the Great Library of Alexandria for kindred to enjoy.


  • Her logo is a caged bird because she's actually a Brujah that was conditioned into serving Lord Asher.
  • Valeria and Sebastos have spent the greater part of 500 years feuding behind closed doors which explains why they are never often seen together.
  • Valeria is secretly courting a certain Elder Brujah, after her childe pointed out Valeria's blushing around the Brujah went speaking of passions at a gathering in Indianapolis.


  • "A bird born in a cage thinks that flying is an illness."
  • "A kind heart, a sharp mind, and the sheer stubborn determination to see wrongs set right. She was embraced the wrong clan." - Mila Rurik

  • "Fellow scholar and curious soul. Strong willed. She will see the turning of the ages." - Chrysanthemum Locke
  • "It's relieving to work with elders who're capable enough to get shit done without needing their hand held every time they see something invented after the printing press." - William Hayle
  • "In the beginning, I worried for her. I thought she was too frail, too meek, too soft for this life. Instead, her gentility has not only served her, but it has made her superior to most." - Irma Kardos
  • "She is without a doubt one of the warmest, most approachable and kind Elders I have ever met and had the pleasure of working with. Warmest Kindred, really. Her manners and scholarship are impeccable, and it is reassuring to see that one may maintain the quality of kindness." - Dr. David Archer
  • "The hardest chains to break are the ones we forge for ourselves." - Siegrid of the True North
  • "This one suffers greatly, for she has shown herself to be competent." - David
  • "I ain't had this much respect so quick for a Northerner since Simon Flint, I tell you what. Now I may be young, and this may all be quite the reflection of my, shall we say, deficit of years? But she is delightful as a magnolia tree in bloom and so help me if y'all mistreat Miss Vee, you and these knuckles are about to have some mighty stern words." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "If you need something of great value or mystical found, Elder Brunsvick is the first Kindred you should ask." - Prince Rikard Bouwman
  • "Sailors and adventurers often look to the North Star for guidance. She does not realize it, but my daughter is my North Star." - Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "She is kind, and knowing in a way I did not know possible. She knows so many horrible things, but she remains kind. We should all look to her for Humanitas." - DavidArcher
  • "The Society is not named for the goddess, but for the Founder." - Roman


Enemies and Rivals


  • Rhaenyra Targayren, from A Game of Thrones
  • Evie from The Mummy
  • Nygma from Gotham
  • Miss Kringle from Gotham

Player: Apryl Songer

Location: IN-014-D: Midnight Crossroads

Storyteller Charles Tucker

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