Valeria Decima Avitus

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"Esse Quam Videri"

Domus Orthia

Artemis Orthia



  • Abiding
  • Established
  • Confirmed
  • Privileged


  • 78BCE Born in Praeneste (Southern Italy, Roman Empire)
  • 23CE Embraced by Lysander
  • 30CE Pompeii
  •  ?200CE Encounters Agathon Ramses Silanus of Clan Brujah, Feud begins
  • 300CE Joins Lysander in Byzantium
  • 560CE Embraces Lucanus
  • 565CE Embraces Claudia
  • 615CE Meets Gran, Nosferatu (Josh Humble) in Potenza en route to Rome
  • 620CE Brings Gran back to her home in Constantinople for joint project
  • 715CE Embraces Cassius
  • 718CE Forms Domus Orthia with her 3 childe
  • 1072 Relocates to France, Becomes Valerie AncĂȘtre
  • 1195 Joined by her new broodmate Alain Martel
  • ~1200s Meets Madigan in Paris

- Pending Some Approvals Here -

  • 1530 Embraces Thomas Candor
  • 16th c Travels to many countries
  • 1745 Has misunderstanding with head of Brujah Bjornen Hus, Thoren the Bear
  • 1830 Travels to (pending approval)
  • 1903 Joins her childe in Tulsa as the oil boom peaks
  • 19?? Helps to form Primogen counsel of Tulsa


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Known Information

  • Valeria was born in ancient Rome, apparent in her clothing and language.
  • Valeria is Ventrue and very loyal to her clan.
  • Valeria still uses old titles as a sign of respect to other elders.
  • Valeria is called only Domina by those in her house.
  • Valeria is known for the servants that become ghouls and childe being trained to perfection in her supervision.


  • Valeria had to kill her own first childe and never speaks of him.
  • Valeria is actually a spy for the Sabbat.
  • Valeria has a secret Brujah lover.
  • Was once the lover an a powerful Ventrue Elder but they parted ways due to her penchant for being one of Lysander's brood.
  • Valeria purposely pits her childe, grandchilde, etc against each other.
  • Is also known in some circles as Valeria the Lesser.
  • Valeria is plotting to overthrow the Ventrue with the help of her broodmate.


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Ventrue Only


OOC Information

Valeria Decima Avitus

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Tulsa, OK
Player: Melissa Howerton
VST: Emily Keel