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Mind Witch
Name:Valerie Evans
Positions:Former Bantling to Antonio Diaz, Watcher of the Northeast, Judge Inquisitor
Pack:Leader of Non Nobius Solemn
Lineage:Pledged to House Sardis
Great (x4) Grand Sire:Gratiano de Veronese
Sire:Tiziano Farnese
Childe: Roderick
BroodmatesLuthor Black(PC)
Veronica (PC)


Initiated into the Sabbat
Purified into the Inquisition
Anointed as a Keeper of a Sacred Text
Resolute by Grand Inquisitor Maria Sandoza
Triumphant by Regent Itzal
Honorable by Seraph Jet
Favored by Grand Inquisitor Maria Sandoza


The Following is only known to members of the Sabbat Sect

"Weak men always see fit to tear down women who scare them."
- Valerie to Lucian Antonescu


Born on December 31, 1971 and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, she grew up a privileged debutante who attended private schools in Washington DC. Valerie grew up privileged and attended expensive preparatory schools before going to university. She attended Yale as a legacy student, and though she did graduate in psychology, she was not particularly gifted in her school work. Most of her success in academics had less to do with her mind and more to do with her money. After graduating, she went backpacking around the world and ended up spending most of her time in Italy. She was a low-key alcoholic while a mortal, and was rarely seen without a drink. After being turned into a ghoul by Tiziano Farnese, she returned to the US, liquidated as much of her trust fund and valuables as she could and settled down in western Massachusetts, to build their Haven. Valerie is quite delicate and is generally non-confrontational.

In the diocese, Valerie works closely in manipulating the kine and using her influence to assist the Sabbat. Because she registers as a human and is gifted in manipulation, she is able to use words to achieve her-or Tiziano's-goals.

Valerie is plagued with nightmares, and suffers from them daily. Tiziano feels guilt for this occurrence, though Valerie sees it as an unfortunate but worthy trade off for the gift he gave her. She also has bad eyesight, which she attributes to her connection to the abyss upon embrace, as dark shadows surround her vision and she cannot see well without bright light.

Valerie can still enjoy mortal food, and prefers sweets, soft cheese, and sweet white wine.

"I'm afraid I know all too well about... foolhardy and impatient men."
- Valerie to Virginia Rousseau
Hobbies & Interests


Crafts: She has a knack for sewing and embroidery. She spent years embroidering complex, horrifying imagery from her nightmares, including a tapestry depicting what she believes are the circles of hell for which she is destined.

Literature: She constantly reads, her favorite books are:

  • Dante's Inferno
  • Virgil's The Aeneid
  • Homer's
    • The Iliad
    • The Odyssey
  • Beowulf
  • Shakespeare
    • Macbeth
    • Othello
    • Henry IV
  • Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass

Music: She is into 80s rock and some 90s grunge, having a soft spot for punk and metal ballads.

Activities: She loves to swim, often using the pools at various hotels alone in the dark of night by manipulating the hotel staff. She also enjoys dangling herself in front of mortal men at clubs looking at her as their prey, only to savagely destroy them, draining them of all they have.

Favorite Quotes

  • 'Love, that can quickly seize the gentle heart, Took hold of him because of the fair body Taken from me - how that was done still wounds me. Love, that releases no beloved from loving, Took hold of me so strongly through his beauty that, as you see, it has not left me yet. Love led the two of us unto one death. Caina waits for him who took our life.' -Francesca, Dante’s Inferno
  • 'Stars, hide your fires. Let not light see my black and deep desires.' - Macbeth
  • 'I am no bird, and no net ensnares me.' - Jane Eyre
  • 'Though I try to hide it, it's clear; my world crumbles when you are not here.' -Macie Grey I try
"You're almost 200 years old, my love. You can't be this insecure. That's my fucking job."
- Valerie to Tiziano Farnese
Things to know
Notable Traits
  • Social Elite
  • Humanity 3
  • Loremaster
  • Reputation
  • Personal Masquerade
  • Big mouth, sharp wit
  • Fire red hair
  • Zealous
"That's what I'd want, as I am bathing in hellfire, I'd like there to be so much blood spilled in my name that I can feel it dripping on me all the way down."
- Valerie to Alexander Iscariot
In Game

Valerie assists the Order of St. Blaise by using her Dominate to maintain the silence and the kine. She is adept in manipulation and is very much a social chameleon, able to fit in and get along with almost everyone, because she can read others very well. She believes strongly in a concept of being unassuming and underestimated. She feels safer when others think she's weak, but resents strongly anyone who questions her worth. She holds grudges and does not forget a slight.

In October of 2017, on Palla Grande, she helped defeat and capture a Lupine for the Archbishop Mariano Balduino, earning her first status as triumphant.

In December of 2017, she began a secret relationship with a Serpent of Light which drove her sire away. As a result, she has begun to change her ideals and goals to be more useful to the sword, and seeks above all things to protect those she loves, the diocese, and the Sabbat with her life.

In January of 2018, her and Dionysus Lanciano opened a new meeting place for the diocese, a bar called Suspension of Disbelief. Valerie also meets Alexander Iscariot and hires him to patrol her haven, ultimately drawing him into the pack.

In February of 2018, she assisted the Bishop of Security Joseph Lanthon in scoping out and investigating the local kine's neighborhood watch, gaining insight into the situation using her manipulation and Dominate. This earned her the status of Devout.

In March of 2018, following the horrific slaughter of 200 kine in the Canadian province of Ontario, Valerie assisted the diocese of St. Catherine's in the mass cover up of the deaths, pulling her strings within the Order of St. Blaise and working her dominate. She earned the status of Loyal from the Bishop of Information, Bianca Rossi.

Later in March of 2018, Valerie planned and executed a mission to infiltrate a hunter cell within her diocese. After her party neutralized 3 ghouled hunters, she replaced their memories and conditioned them to be her pawns. Though she was successful, the other hunters within the cell were made aware and murdered the three dominated hunters, in a spectacle outside of a once secret meeting space for the diocese. The meeting space being compromised, and her mission, to her, failed, she suffered a crisis of confidence and spent a month in misery.

In April of 2018, she assisted the Black Hand in a diplomatic and infiltration mission in the Anarch territory of Sanctuary, to deliver information on the Unblinded Brotherhood to the Camarilla. After this mission, she successfully organized a mortal political movement which changed the Northeast Region gun laws, adding another major success to her already building resume.

In June of 2018, Valerie was chosen by the Order of St. Blaise Vicar to present the faction article at the Synod. She presented the article and it was passed, a major success for the Order and Valerie.

At the end of June, her sire was called to a meeting with the Grand Inquisitor, leaving her fate and the fate of her pack largely unknown. However, before they left, Joseph Lanthon former Bishop of Security, newly minted Archbishop, prior to Blood Bath, stripped Tiziano of his bishopry and handed it to Valerie. Valerie has not responded to this publicly.

In July, Valerie was scarcely seen in the Pioneer Valley. She accompanied her sire to Mexico City and then spent time in Ontario, visiting St. Catherine's again and assisting with their struggle with the Unblinded Brotherhood. The St. Blaise presence significantly weakened, she offered her service indefinitely should they require it. She, Tiziano, and Nathan Bates as well as another lasombra in the diocese were seen discussing the fates of the lasombra responsible for the events in March. After this, she was missing for a couple days and her presence at that time was publicly unknown, before popping up in Maryland to assist the Archbishop Deliverance Dane with infernal cults and their influence within the kine.

In August, Valerie oversaw and participated in a Game of Instinct and defended the local meeting place as the only present Clergy. She and the members present swiftly dispatched the targets and she awarded all those present with Battle-Scarred. She has taken to calling herself 'Bitchop' Evans.

"Like, yeah, I could steal, but do you really think I just wear whatever Jane on the street found on the bottom of her dresser, with this ass? I don't fucking think so."
- Valerie to Roar Uthaug
Tiziano's Monomacy

In July, Tiziano Farnese was challenged to monomacy by Malachi Salamanca for insulting him and the Inquisition. Valerie is not taking this well. The going theory is that she is pouring herself into her work to avoid dealing with the potential reality of losing her sire.

In August, the Monomacy was held and the ritae null and voided when Malachi Salamanca used a Stone of True Form from under a Shroud of Night. While Valerie has not spoken publically about it, whispers say she has begun to shift her loyalties away from allies within her clan. There is a distinct lack of animosity between her, her sire, and Malachi Salamanca, and it seems that Valerie may have new targets for her rage. She assisted Deliverance Dane in dismantling the Cult of the Chemical utilizing influences. She was named Loyal for her efforts.

New Paths


In October, Valerie began preparations to take out the Wrath Cult for the diocese of Ocean City. She prepared a massive strike against the cult using influence and secured blood enough for the battle. Her contributions within the battle saved many Cainites from what could have been certain oblivion, and in this success, began her step toward becoming Vicar of the Order of St. Blaise. At Palla Grande, she assisted the Inquisition and the Black Hand to destroy a group of Unblinded Brotherhood infiltrators and their Baali leader. She was named Loyal for her efforts. Additionally, having killed 8 hunters by her own hands, she lost a humanity and was named Honorable for her actions to protect her diocese.

In November, cracks in her alliances began to form. It became evident that those who she used to call allies had become her enemies and vice versa. However, her support also appeared to grow. Being shown to be a true foe to the heretical and infernal, her hero, Inquisitor Antonio Diaz publicly offered her a position as his bantling. She relinquished her titles and took his offer to be trained, and is working toward becoming a Judge Inquisitor.

In December, Valerie assists her diocese in rooting out an infernal hive.

In February, Valerie searches and finds one of those MIA from the battle in Ocean City, returning the templar's heart after a journey into the Shadow Lands, and outsmarting the infernal Giovanni who had taken him captive. Her search for the last MIA is still in progress.

In March, Valerie attended the Blood Ambassador's Ball, and nearly broke the Blood Accords when a Prince spoke the name of a demon in the public gathering, brazenly.

Recent Nights

Within the Inquisition, Valerie has become a force to be reckoned with.

  • May 2019: Worked to disrupt infernal rituals in the NE, securing and destroying the last piece of Bezariel, his heart, and removing his remaining infernalists from the region.
  • May 2019: Attacked in Dallas by Unblinded Brotherhood, leaving her for dead in a ditch for the sun, until William Carver came to her rescue
  • June 2019: Led a rescue mission for Inquisitor Taggart, after he was abducted by Unblinded Brotherhood
  • July 2019: After the Regent was assassinated by Joseph Pander, Valerie rallied to Cainites to leave their mourning in favor of staying vigilant.
  • August 2019: Brought forth heresy charges unto Cardinal Yitzhak, executing him after a trial
  • Fall 2019: Worked on several infernal threats, namely in Montreal, leading to her mutual decision to never return to Montreal.
  • October 2019: Worked with Prince Rurik of LA to begin the expulsion of demonic forces from the territory.
  • December 2019: Brought forth charges of treason and heresy to the Regent on Black Hand Agent Captain Vergahr, leading to his execution. Was named Triumphant, Honorable, and Favoured in the same night.
  • January 2020: Following these events, The Grand Inquisitor promoted Valerie to Watcher of the Northeast
  • Spring 2020: Worked on researching the connections between Lilith and the infernal forces
  • May 2020: Brought forth charges to Agent Roar Uthaug, within in a public trial, leading to his subsequent execution before the Sword.

"Well you tell me if you want to do some experiments... I'm familiar with a proper research study and can follow the proper double blind if I just gouge some eyes out."
- Valerie to Adrian Benton





Val kya.png

  • Valerie is impressionable and gullible.
  • Valerie would burn down the heavens and the Earth for Tiziano Farnese
  • Valerie was not worthy of embrace and was simply a tool used by Tiziano.
  • Valerie collects men like dolls, and is building her own harem.
  • Valerie does all of the work for the Bishop of Kine while he takes all of the credit
  • A Camarilla Prince once gave her the status of "Courageous", which sickened her to the point of being unable to hold down food for a week.
  • Valerie has never frenzied.
  • Valerie has an Anarch lover who she seduced into becoming a voice for the Sabbat among his sect.
  • Valerie is deeply insulted by Joseph Lanthon making her into the Bishop of Kine.
  • Valerie is seeking the vicar seat of the Order of St. Blaise.
  • In an unexpected turn of events, the Inquisition accused Valerie once of enslaving her sire.
  • Valerie and Tiziano are banned by the Inquisition of ever having blood sex again.
  • Valerie actually respects the Inqusition
  • Valerie is in love with an Inquisitor
  • Valerie is "with" Inquisitor Seth Taggart to the chagrin of her sire.
  • Valerie diablerized for the first time, and now has a soul shard.
  • Valerie is beginning her journey onto a path.
  • Valerie joined the Inquisition to avoid heresy charges
  • Valerie is a traitor
  • Valerie has been bringing Black Hand agents up on charges and summarily executing them on purpose.
  • Valerie is actually a Salubri Healer.
"I'm in love with an angel, who is afraid of the light. Her halo is broken, but there's fight in her eyes."
- Angel - Theory of a Deadman


  • My childe will outgrow me and you, she will thrive with or without us. And she will chew the wolves and spit out their bones if she chooses to. Tiziano Farnese to Dionysus Lanciano
  • "Clever, direct, efficient. Another worthy Shadow in the dark. Hopefully, the next time we meet, it's on better terms." Dorian Alvarez
  • "A promising young student, with excellent taste in literature. She has the potential to be an outstanding Noddist once she's outgrown her phase of playing with her food." Shaelle Masseau
  • "I wandered into the garden, and made what was promised to another my own. The sweetest fruits are always the ones we’re told not to eat, yet that is where we learn in making our own decisions." Dionysus Lanciano
  • "Oh, she's just an absolute treat. I do love when we get to visit... clearly the fact we live so far from each other is Raven's fault, such a sourpuss." Scytale
  • "She is well-spoken, clever, and an excellent organizer. Exactly what we need in the Order of St. Blaise." Astraea
  • "An excellent irritation." - Raven Tempestarii
  • "She looks quite beautiful, her red hair falls down her face.. JUST right. It was a pleasure to fully meet her at the Monomacy in Shoreham. She seems like a well valued asset to the Sword of Caine." - Emilia Odobelja
  • You will never meet a Cainite who has done more legwork to sharpen the sword, 6-8” at a time." -Anonymous
  • "Don't let that sweet and befuddled act of hers convince you otherwise, she is an ice cold predator who will murder your grandmother if the time is right. She's also a lot of fun, throws wild parties, and is one of the most useful vampires I know, and I really don't know that many people worth the blood they're made out of." Mordechai
  • "She needs better friends and a better sire, but she's good." - Malachi Salamanca
  • "What a chance to not just meet a sister in spirit, but also find a long-lost connection to her sire through her. Caine truly smiled upon us on the day we met." - Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora
  • "Valerie's presence is felt when she enters a room. She is calculating, smart, and faithful to the sword. New things are in store for her and I am looking forward to being a part of it!" -Daniel
  • "You know, I wanted to kill her initially. Absolutely drove me batshit mad when she get on her message spree. Now I am facing a horrific enemy and one of the few that I can tell is working their ass off to keep us going and alive is her. Yeah, I am fucking humbled, but don't you fucking tell her shit." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "Valerie is calculating, decisive, and ambitious. Getting in the way of those ambitions is a perilous business. Perhaps more importantly, however, it would be unwise to assume that what you see in her isn't exactly what she wants you to see." - Lucian Antonescu Ravnos
  • "She's a people person. Ah lahk people persons." - Billy Bob
  • "A useful specimen, albeit frustrating to work with. Like a bone saw. If only she'd stop deluding herself with humanity she might rise as Cainite." - Sage
  • "For as long as we've known each other, how little she truly knows me. And how much she listens to those who know even less." - Raven Tempestarii
  • "Val is without a doubt one of the most capable and connected Cainites I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It was her hard work and skill that ensured our success in Ocean City, and her dedication and devotion to her order and to the Sword of Caine will serve as an example to any of the Order of St.Blaise. That being said, I am also glad she doesn't seem to lump me in with 'other Ventrue'...whatever that means..." William "Bloody Bill" Carver
  • "So she runs her mouth a lot, and fucks almost anything that's moving, not judging just noting. She's either got her shit together or she's a total trash fire, it depends on the day and who she's talking to. She's like the walking embodiment of a Sabbat Gemini. Doesn't matter, she gets things done, backs up her gum flapping and has bigger balls than most of the other Sabbat I've met. Let's call her old school... maybe she doesn't entirely suck" Gunther McAllister
  • "Something, something, warmth and depth, or lack thereof. Why should I care again?" - Katona
  • "Firecrotch here is alright by me. She fights well, she leads well. And she's into decent music as well. Friends of my friends are my friends. I will have to swing by again to visit her club some time, get to know her a bit better." - KK Ryder
  • "The Master would say he does not appreciate distractions, but the fiery one? She had spunk, all right. Not enough to turn the right heads, but just enough to keep paying attention, methink?" - Dr. Nigel Obertus, assessing The Basilisk's interest
  • "A line can be traced - you demanded freedom from your leaders, and now, you have found your true calling. You have come so far! Perform as admirably now as you have in the past, and a Judge's reliquary can be yours." - Antonio Diaz
  • "Valerie has truly began to find her path towards perfection. Her metamorphosis is ongoing. In some time she will surpass all that I could ever have wanted. And I will kill any motherfucker who tries to stand in her way after that time comes." - Seth Taggart
  • "We have very different views and what is considered 'fun'. Depravity comes in many forms." - Countess Kostrova
  • "The mere name of an Infernal brought her Beast lashing out at the master Thaumaturge that I am, like some helpless fledgling under their Elder's boot heel. She is the weakest link, so she dies last." - Thaddeus Moreau, Prince of Montreal
  • "The Sword is itself a mirror darkly; constantly looking inward at itself and back, trying to answer questions about its place in history, and in the world these nights. Valerie's the reflection we should all be so lucky to see looking back at us." - Ryan Avildson
  • "She hadn't worn her reliquary for a week when she mustered the gall to tell an Agent of the Hand what she thinks their job is. Just when everyone suspected the Inquisition of being political, she steps foot on that stage. Tsk tsk. Ego. It brings such a ruin to an otherwise fascinating experiment." - The Basilisk
  • "When Val is near I know whatever is in front of us does not stand a chance...*chuckles to himself* ...Forever and a day indeed... ." - Inquisitor William "Bloody Bill" Carver, overheard speaking in to his audio diary
  • "The very least that I can say is that she's one of the few creatures that has consistently been able to surprise me." - Archbishop Serafino Morreti
  • “Inquisitor Evans is one of the few Cainites who I wish there was more of. A faithful and dedicated woman, I’m sure the clergy is stronger with her in it.” - Atticus Cleaver
  • "Her. Snake. Is. ADORABLE. But she scares Seymore." - Prescott Grimaldi
  • "She never understood, I didn't do what I do because I am suicidal. I do what I do because that was my job. I am to take on those obstacles and clear the path and give them the all clear. We don't live long, and I made peace with that, but I have a few more obstacles I can clear before the end." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "She is a host unto herself. The critical epicenter of the intersection of shadow and light, heaven and hell, blessings and curses. She has a gravity about her that draws you in, and yet if you are not well versed, can be your demise. It is why I am honored to be her sister of shadow." - Skye Noel Livingston
  • "I think she may be the first Inquisitor I've met that I actually liked. Not that I expect that to mean anything if I ever crossed her." - Avery Dunn
  • "I would bake her a thousand pies." - Morgan Evans
  • "Always dependable, Valerie Evans is a sister when other family has long since passed. I have relied upon her in my times of need, and never once has she failed me. She is truly a treasure among the Sword." - Deliverance Dane
  • "Not what one would expect from her station. She has pride, and holds it well. She speaks with grace, and is the better for it. She has her passions, which do not control her. And she is dedicated, something we could all learn from. And she holds strength, and ties it to her resolve. We may stand apart in politics, but I can welcome one such as her to my city." - Konstantin Rurik
  • "You may be young, but you are strong. You are no coward and as such have earned my respect and trust. You have a fire that I would like to see burn for eternal. Gammel kjærleik rustar ikkje." - Francesca Omerta
  • "Valerie remains a constant force - she's always there when the flames burn the brightest, to make sure we can still stand and to remind us that fire is hot. And she's still there every time we don't listen and are burnt again. For that, and for many other things, Val: thank you." - Shaelle Masseau

"There's no better drug than you."
- Valerie to Dionysus Lanciano
OOC Information
National/Regional Conventions Played
  • ECRE 2018
  • MESCON 2018
  • SoCon 2018
  • CAiNE 2019
  • NERE 2019
  • MESCON 2019
  • Spring ONE 2020


  • Cordelia Chase (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Kathryn Merteuil (Cruel Intentions)
  • Claire Underwood (House of Cards)
  • Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)
  • Lacey Evans (WWE)
  • Lady Macbeth
  • Dido, Queen of Carthage
  • Helen of Troy


Theme Song: Faster - Within Temptation

Valerie's Musical Inspiration

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