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Physical Description

Valeska is fair-skinned, of average height, dark-haired, and blue eyed.

Brief History

Little is known of Valeska’s past before she rose to become one of the first Voivoides of the Tzimisce Clan. She was one of the three leaders of the Tzimisce Clan during the fall of Rome along with Noriz and Damek Ruthven. Under their leadership, the Clan and its territories prospered. A priestess of Veles, Valeska was known for her ruthless savagery in the pursuit of power and defense of her territory; a trait exhibited by the Clan through the ages. She is considered one of the great examples of a Tzimisce who embodies the ideals of both the Voivode and Koldun. As Valeska aged, she turned her back on the depravity she fostered in the Clan and pulled her territory into relative isolation by the time of the Long Night. She passed the Voivodeship to a fellow priestess of Veles and left, wandering through Europe and quietly working to regain the humanity she had lost. She once more returned East during the Anarch Revolt, where she assumed control of her territory and protected refugees. She made notable allies among the Gangrel who came across her territory and quietly offered aid to a coterie of Elders of what would one day become the Camarilla. She went into torpor in the early 1700s CE and recently awoke to find the world dramatically changed. She acts as an advisor to Princes in the region and quietly reassembled a large territory without much notice.

Current Status

Valeska retains control of a Domain in Eastern Europe. While technically unaligned, she supports the Camarilla and Anarch Movements for their adherence to Humanity and the Silence of the Blood. She is heartened by the Chicago Blood Accord and watches the Sabbat with interest to see if the Sect, and the Tzimisce within, are capable of changing as she once did.

Known Childer

Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 10 CE to 1700 CE Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Any, except Sabbat
  • Path: Humanity, though older childer may be on Power and the Inner Voice or Chivalry.
  • Skills: Any one of the following at 3+: Intimidation or Leadership


  • Backgrounds: Herd, Influences, Resources, or Retainer
  • Special: Female childer tended to follow in her footsteps as Priestesses of Veles during their history.


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