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"A wise heart is rarely a cheerful one."Die Endzeit Eddas
Timeline VO.png

Dot VO.pngSometime pre-1200?—Black Forest
Dot VO.png1300-1500—Germany, Austria & Hungary
Dot VO.png1500-1700—France & England
Dot VO.png1700-2018—America & Iceland

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"O, nuncle! thou shouldst not have grown old
before thou hadst grown wise!" - Lear, I.V

Valeska Oldenburg, Dowager Countess, is an unusual member of the kindred species, having been embraced as a woman who had already lived a long and full mortal life. She speaks openly of her pride at rearing three brave sons, and pities those who were embraced in their prime, before they had a chance to create a family.
Her joints ache, her body is wizened and frail, but Valeska's eyes are sharp and her wit is keen. Despite her "primitive" Gangrel lineage, she has been welcomed into many of the finest Kindred courts in Europe and America, and treated as a respected Elder by those who know her well. A known mystic, Seer, and follower of the Æsir, she is also a practitioner of ancient seiðr, the Futhark runes, and various methods of foretelling.

"Then said Þriði: Odin is the greatest and oldest of the Æsir.
Frigg is his wife, and she knows the fate of men, although she tells not thereof..."

After talking to her Sire and childe, she decides to stay among the Camarilla when they depart. She spends time pushing the cause of the Gangrel clan, and is glad when they return. Cyrus continues his work for his sire to varying degrees through to the present day. Living in Reykjavik, she continues to work as Seneschal to the mighty Jarl Valrbjørn, ruling the small country of Iceland in his absence.

"Then shall happen what seems great tidings: Fenrir the Wolf shall swallow the sun..." —Gylfaginning

Oldenburg.png Oldenburg.png Other Aliases: The Dowager Countess of Hanover; Valeska the Owl; Childe of the Mongol, Altansarnai; Sire of Cyrus White; Völva, Priestess of Freyja, and Vala of the Seiðr; Die Weiße Hexe.

Lineage VO.png
Member of the Altan Luu Dynasty
Dot VO.png Sire: Altansarnai
Dot VO.png Known Childer: Cyrus White

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Dot VO.png"True power comes in many forms. Hers, especially, wears more than one face."Valrbjørn
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Countess Valeska

Player: Ree S.
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Gangrel
Abiding Status: Confirmed,
Established, and
Privileged as an
Elder of the Camarilla
Fleeting Status: 0
Domain: Seattle, WA
VST: Seattle Cam VST

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