Valhalla's Mercy

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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Ragnar Thorsson
Deed Name:Valhalla's Mercy
Society:Sanctum of Gaia
Pack:Thursday's Children
Role:Pack Beta
Sept:Sept of the Oak Vale
Role:Sept Leader
Contact:R Draper

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Ragnar Thorsson


"Jotunsbane, Valhalla's Mercy" stood at an impressive 6'2" weighing around 190lbs. He had a braided mohawk with the rest of his head shaved to the bone. He had a full and bushy blonde beard that has grown further than is respectable in polite society. He wore a military green t-shirt saying "Child of Fenris" in bold black writing as well as denim quarter length shorts and white plimsoles.

He traveled around Europe for over ten years, seeking out trouble wherever it was most dire to fight the Wyrm with his pack, Thursday's Children. A group of mainly Fostern, who felt they wanted to learn more about themselves and the Tribe by wandering through Europe and visiting Denmark, Sweden and Norway to tap into their cultural Get of Fenris heritage.

In early 2017 Thursday's Children heard the call of Long Hair at the Sept of the Oak Vale and travelled to meet him. Ragnar was resident in Wales, along with Michael Arbiter of Malice, from January 2017 onwards.

Jarl of the Oak Vale

The majority of Garou who answered the call from Long Hair came from the Fostern rank. Many of them had not spent time in each other's company, nor hunted together, nor observed a moot together or any of the Garou functions of society. When Delwyn, the Sept Leader, announced his intention to step away from leading the Oak Vale it was Ragnar's publicly expressed view that they did not each know each other well enough to submit to one leader and that they should learn more about each other so that a natural leader would emerge in time. In July Ragnar, as Talesinger, proposed that the Sept allow itself be ruled by the Auspice Council until such a time as the Sept was familiar with each other.

This idea was not popular with the lower ranks, and Connall of the Fianna, who favoured the Athro Ancient Fang, and wanted the issue to be an election or popularity contest. Yet Ancient Fang was proving himself unreliable as a Leader: he had not been seen on Sept grounds for a long time and attempts to contact him had gone unmet. Under the circumstances, and with the resignation of Delwyn on the table, Ragnar laid claim to the Sept Leadership of the Oak Vale unchallenged in August 2017 and began to introduce required leadership to the sept.

He began leading the Sept to earn a Caern seed from the Sept at Silver Tara. In his time as Sept Leader, Ragnar:

  • Recruited Naomi to the role of Talesinger for the Sept, as his replacement.
  • Appointed Lillian "Kiss of Venom" as Acting Mistress of the Rite for the Sept.
  • Tasked Grey Fur with organising and leading the Auspice Council as its senior most active Garou member.
  • Instituted Sept Law that biting kinfolk, whether consenting or not, with the intention of making them Garou was illegal.
  • Michael Hammer of Justice (then, Truthcatcher of the Sept) and Valhallas Mercy debated the subject of the Litany and whose authority it may reside under.
  • United the Sept to fight a common enemy and rid the Oak Vale of the murderers who annihilated the Sept's membership before their arrival.
  • Scolded Grey Fur privately for endangering the lives of their war party at Plas Glynllifon and awarded him the "Reckless" moniker in October.

The Tale of Valhalla's Mercy's End

On the night of Friday 27th of October 2017, near All Souls Eve, the Sept of the Oak Vale was engaged in defeating its enemies and rescuing allies that remained prisoners at a place called Plas Glynllifon. Before our enemies were defeated and our allies rescued, shifters and kinfolk alike gathered to do violence on the grounds of the Sept against its Leader, Valhalla’s Mercy, Athro Galliard of the Get of Fenris.

Valhalla’s Mercy was lured to an ambush by Garou, Rokea, Corax and Kinfolk alike. The Ambush was swift with no challenge issued, soon Ragnar Thorsson lay defenceless still breathing on the ground. Invitations given to finish Valhalla’s Mercy off, standing with a preloaded Silver bullet, he was shot and the prone Sept Leader's life was ended. Their reasons for murdering an Athro Fenrir three months into leading a Sept, outside of challenge, outside of Garou justice? One can only speculate.

  • OOC: The above was edited by the MES Virtual staff to conform to expectations of play and the ongoing narrative, as well as the fallout from the Satire Rite. It is not to be edited without consultation of the Wales Apoc ST Staff.

Last Words

  • Naomi "Reads the Threads" O'Mannion, Adren Galliard Fianna, Talesinger of the Oak Vale: "He has been found guilty of nothing by trial only by rumour. I pity anyone this unjust ending he was ambushed with. Shame on those involved."
  • Michael Olsen "Arbiter of Malice", Athro Philodox Get of Fenris, Truthcatcher of the Oak Vale “I first came to know Ragnar Thorsson in my home country of Denmark. He was passionate and stubborn but committed to his purpose in life as a chosen warrior and child of Fenris Wolf ... What Ragnar wanted from this place more than anything was to see it back on its feet, to see it strong and independent. Unified."
  • Long Hair, Elder Philodox Silent Strider: “He deserved better. I lament that we will not see the Sept he wished to create.”
  • Delwyn, Athro Galliard Child of Gaia: "He came to us to give us aid, to seek vengeance on those that killed our friends. My former pack, my Sept. He was taken from that duty before it was complete. Whatever he was to others, he was our future and the best way for this Sept to heal from its past."
  • Grey Fur, Adren Ahroun Fianna, Wyrmfoe of the Oak Vale: “Valhalla, you scorned me in the last hours of your life, for that, you did not have me by your side, when you most needed someone, here endeth the lesson”
  • 'Spector, Nuwisha Kinfolk: "Mmm. And nothing of value was lost."


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