Valka One-Eye

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Jarl Valka - Thrice Blessed
"The others can talk. We will fight and die to give them that privilege. -Valka, to the Get of Fenris"

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Name: Valka
Deed Name: "Thrice Blessed"
Tribe: Get of Fennris
Auspice: Philodox
Rank: Legend
Position: Tribal Councilor for the Get of Fenris, Jarl of the Sept of New Dawn
Ambition: Claimant to the High Kingship of the Garou Nation of the Western Concordat




* Declared Jeremiah Grey, once deeded "Shakes the Foundation" Ronin.


* "May Gaia favor the bold.....or the fool hardy, whichever we turn out to be." - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino

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* This is an NPC controlled by the Apocalypse NST Office.
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