Valka and The Bloody Crow

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Valka and The Bloody Crow

October 23rd, 2019 at the Hive Dive in Des Moines at the Sept of the Storm's Shelter

Carrion Crowe and Valka One-Eye

The Epic Spar

An unlikely matchup in practice battle. A Legend of the Garou, of a Tribe renowned for the quality of warrior it produces, squaring off against a Corax, a Breed of Fera not even remotely known for its prowess in combat. The result may as well be written in stone. Perhaps one might write it off as a waste of time for the Legend, for how could a Corax last even a few seconds in physical contest with such a Warrior? But those who know of this Corax know that there is more to him than the reputation of his Breed.

The Bloody Crow stands across from Valka, he in his Rara Avus form and she in her Glabro form, swords in hand. Beaks are not the best for portrayal of emotion, but his black eyes shine with his eagerness and his feathers are fluffed with glee. Counter to this excitement is Valka’s own expression, which is curious, uncertain as to what exactly is about to occur.

Perhaps the first surprise is the Corax’s form mutating into something that is so hideous it is almost beautiful. Spiked pin-feathers grow from his hardened skin, and he looks like a twisted version of the prehistoric archaeopteryx. Valka’s sword is quick to bite into the flesh of this creature, who doesn’t even attempt to move out of the way. Greater fury burns in his dark eyes, and he laughs joyfully as he begins to sway and dart about like the wind swirling through the trees. Sweeps of blades meet nothing but air. Talons rake out and occasionally find flesh, though each time there is backlash from the mighty Get of Fenris. The mismatched bout has turned out to be anything but, and instead is like poetry in motion. Both riding just under the edge of frenzy as they have Stoked their inner fury to a fine point, they move in concert like a well-choreographed dance even after Valka shifts to Crinos form to battle him seriously. Her moves are graceful, controlled and yet… restrained. The Corax ducks, leaps, spins, and flies about the Legend as he avoids the majority of the powerful sweeps of her blades, his wounds steadily healing in the interim given to them by his masterful agility. But when even his own strikes cause him additional harm, there can be only one eventual end to this match.

However, that end takes longer to reach than anyone could have anticipated. Both dripping blood from their wounds—though more on the Corax—The Bloody Crow flies several paces back and lands, holding up a hand in a gesture to pause.

“Out of respect for the wishes of Black Unicorn,” he says, his voice harsh and grated in his prehistoric terror of a form, “I yield.” He holds a moment to ensure Valka will cease her attacks, then he approaches her with his hand outstretched to invite a handshake. “That was the most challenging spar I’ve ever had. Thank you, Valka Thrice-Blessed, from the bottom of my heart.”
Carrion Crowe Image 3.jpg

The Legend smiles, raising her right hand sword in a warrior’s salute, “That was quite educational, thank you, my friend for a most invigorating match.”

Valka, Thrice Blessed the says quietly, "Courage has nothing to do with a lack of Fear. They are not a ratio. Courage is the ability to do your duty, even when you are absolutely terrified." She cleans off her swords, buffing a bit of blood out with a bit of cloth.

The Bloody Crow seems stuck in the were-archaeopteryx form for the time being, but he doesn't seem to mind one bit. He seems enormously happy even though he had to yield, and he gives the Gathering Tides folks a thumbs-up.