Valthier Draykos

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IC Information

Known Information

Name: Valthier Draykos

Origin: Core, Elite

Notable Traits: Often wears adornment on the index and middle fingers of his left hand; carries an enticing scent, like a promise of a good time (Wolf-Blooded Tell: Exciting)

Type: Mortal

Character Type Subgroup: Wolf-Blooded

Union: Merchant's Union


The second-born son of a subordinate line of House Draykos, one of the Singh Dynasty's pledged houses. Valthier grew quickly into a scandalous young man, having an affinity and passion for creating weapons of violence despite his Dynasty's steadfast belief in pacifism, as well as for being a self-professed hedonist who never met a party he didn't like (given enough alcohol). He's known among his contemporaries as one of the most talented weapon designers to emerge from the Elite colleges of the Core in recent memory, though he's never achieved any real measure of fame due to being incredibly miserly with distributing his products -- except as gifts to his long string of casual lovers, resulting in him being 'popular' among the EDF.


  • "Valthier has not changed one damned bit from when I met him. And he needs to learn to keep his damned mouth shut" --Jaana Adair
  • "I believe that Val is a better man than he thinks he is. He's also immensely skilled. I am glad to call him a friend." -- Mr. Durant
  • "Words words words, terrible words." --Name


  • Valthier has a terrible gambling habit
  • Valthier was actually booted from the Core for romancing the wrong person, not because he was Wolf-blooded
  • Valthier's Little Black Book looks more like an ancient Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Valthier and Jaana Adair knew each other in the Core
  • Valthier runs a quiet betting establishment on the Strungi Station
  • Valthier lost a substantial amount of money betting on the Captain of the Green Dream and his Medical Officer
  • Valthier once convinced Mr.Durant to marry his Medical Officer, and he has holo-vid evidence
  • Valthier sports a wide scar just above his left kidney, courtesy of Doctor Jaana Adair

OOC Information

Player: Tyler Butler

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jed H.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Strugni Station