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General Information

Name: Vanator

Brief Description: Genteel Lord of the Hunt

Social Class: Luminary Elder

Sire: The Egyptian, Marcus Sextus

Known Aliases: Iron, Vanatorul, Sayyad al-Siwa

Clan: Gangrel

Sect: Camarilla

Lineage: The Vanatorii

OOC Information

Player: Tony Perry

Storyteller:Clint Hauser

Character Location: Atlanta, GA


Physical Description

Tall for his era, short by modern standards, Vanator appears to be firmly in middle age - perhaps fifty years old or so. His hair and beard are dark and speckled with grey, especially on his chin. He is typically attired in somewhat more sophisticated fashion than is the norm for an ancient Gangrel, favoring white, collared shirts, long black leather coats, black leather vests, and black leather boots. In modern times the latter are often of the American Western style and silver tipped.


Known History

Those few Kindred who remain from Vanator's earliest days can testify that he arose somewhere in the Carpathians, not long after the Roman Empire withdrew and left the mountains to the Huns. He has been known to claim Alani ancestry.

After a centuries-long period of relative visibility in the Balkans, the Levant, and Egypt prior to the Muslim conquest, he disappeared altogether from the public record before resurfacing a hundred and forty years later in 882 in al-Andalus. For the next thousand years he was seen sporadically across the length and breadth of Europe, wandering in typical Gangrel fashion, with the occasional decade or three spent at rest in Cordoba or Toledo. After some unknown event during the Franco-Prussian War he passed from view once again.

In 2007 he reappeared in Atlanta in the United States, the home of two members of his Lineage as well as some old allies and rivals. Save for one four year long hunting expedition he has been there ever since.


"A long time ago an old gangrel met a young brujah, they quarrelled about the nature of the beast, and the balance that needed to be maintained. That old Gangrel remained the same, and that young Brujah grew older and wiser. The debate remains, as do they. Shining examples of the opposite ends of the spectrum, they still work side by side as allies." - Mila Rurik

“I've spoken to him once. He was cordial. Kind, even, to take the time to talk to me. I got the impression he's led a most interesting unlife, and doubtless has incredible stories to tell in that unusual accent. The Inhumanity? It doesn't bother me. I'm a Setite, most of us look like that. I pity him, though, being trapped in the Camarilla---I mean no disrespect to the Tower, of course, simply that it would be unpleasant to become aligned to any sect against one's own wishes and beliefs. I do hope he gets out of it as soon as he can. Also, he had *quite* an exquisite coat.” - Nitya Nataraja

"Vanator is an old friend, and I've learned many lessons from him. Over the years, we have crossed paths again and again, and each time we have the most insightful conversations. It is catharsis to speak with one that understands me so deeply." - Siofra

"Vanator has a great appreciation of the hunt. And, as a hunter myself, I admire his steadfast focus upon the prey. I think we differ in that he lives for the hunt, whereas I hunt in order to live. That said, I would never turn aside his assistance should an infernalist become his prey." Amis Ward Harlow

"If ever there was an Elder who wore the leather like it was paint upon a body. If only to see his movements in all manners seem as a hunt for every step. I truly can only say that I feel some blessing to even learn a few things from watching him." Nathaniel West

"For him, hunting is not a blood sport, but the sport that is in his blood. I pity any whom he sets his eyes upon, for they surely won't last the night." Alyona

"He lives in a fairy-tale. He believes he possesses the will to perform any impossible task––slay a dragon, save a princess, make bargains with a witch." Anaïs Palomer

"I got to see him fight once. That was enough. It was a quick and bloody affair, and his brutality made it clear that he's maybe more Beast than Man. I have no wish to find myself on the wrong end of his hunt." Jehangir

"Everyone needs a black sheep in their line. At least you can honestly say you tried to kill yours... twice. But I'm here to stay old man." Kiessa Vanatorii


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