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This downtown hotel is the property of Anthony Giovanni. A location for secure gatherings, the hotel features controlled access for invited guests and the kind of attentive staffing only the Giovanni can provide. It also serves as the residence for many of the Independent Alliance as well as (for a modest fee) Camarilla and Anarch locals.


"Something to Say" - Someone

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A joint venture of Lucy Giovanni and Nadia Georgianna, the spa in Stanley Park opened in April of 2018 as a Kindred-only overnight service and a location for more indulgent gatherings. It features salon services specialized for a variety of vampiric complexions, a hot tub, and a sauna for facilitating business negotiations. One gentle request from the hostesses: no violence or abject misery, please and thank you.


"It's like a taste of back home, doing business in the shvitz. Good times." - Jimmy Kincaid

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