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Home Locations VSS OOC Info


  • Domain Coordinator: Brad Penstone,
  • Domain Storyteller: Gordon Edward
  • Masquerade Storyteller (VST): Greg Bullard
  • Masquerade Game Date: First Saturday night of every month at 6pm check-in, 7pm game on.

City Type

City Type: JOINTLY CONTROLLED area by The Camarilla and Anarch Movement. Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: The Independent Alliance and Unaligned vampires are relatively uncommon in this city and openly Sabbat characters are not permitted as per the Setting rules with the exception of two Sabbat emissaries afforded by the Chicago Blood Accords.

Sect Boundaries: The Camarilla control Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and nominally Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Delta and Maple Ridge. Within North Vancouver and West Vancouver, the Independent Alliance are afforded substantial territorial rights, but short of Domain. The Anarch Movement hold Domain over Surrey, Langley, and nominally White Rock. This Anarch Movement Domain agrees to the Edicts of Succession.

Theme: War makes strange bed fellows.
Mood: Growing Tension
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

Chronicle Teaser

“The war between Heaven & Hell depends on the choices we make, and those choices require sacrifice. That's the test.” Cogliostro. Spawn.

The above quote is one that could be said to any number of vampires residing in Vancouver, a Setite to a Giovanni perhaps, an Anarch Baron to an IA Emissary, even a Camarilla Primogen to an unaligned elder. The city of Vancouver is a place where vampires of many sects gather and intrigue dominates the night. It has returned Camarilla hands and, for good or ill, they have accepted the Anarchs at the gates. Now Vancouver is controlled by members of both these two sects. Not so long ago, before the Independent Alliance’s tenure as its custodians, Vancouver was a treasure in the Camarilla’s trove; years of open war with the Sabbat, conflict with increasingly powerful hunters and the growth in power for the Anarchs and IA saw an end to that. A city ruled by ancient power but invigorated with young blood. It may not outlast the decade, but it will surely outlast the night, and what a night it will be for the immortals of the city of Vancouver.

City Description

Vancouver is a Camarilla Domain that follows that Sects laws and traditions, however, it is a city in which these customs are practiced alongside those of the Anarchs, and as such the city’s vampires must adhere to a blend of cultures when traveling between the groups’ designated territories. Cross-Sect enterprises have formed. Some areas are tightly controlled and others linger as outskirts. There is enough room for courage and audacity to maneuver through and stir up troubles and treasures.

City Timeline

Early 20th Century: The Camarilla rises. With the Sabbat facing defeat in America by the end of the 19th century, the Camarilla becomes the undisputed power in the city of Vancouver.

Mid 20th Century: The Camarilla ascendant. With most obstacles out of its way, the Camarilla enjoys the power to control Vancouver without opposition. It is a time of stifling conformity and great privilege for those residing under the Ivory Tower.

Late 20th Century. The Camarilla descends. With the rise of The Anarch Free State in 1944, the Camarilla sees increased movement of Anarch forces northwards. This eventually leads to the destabilization of the Camarilla stranglehold on Vancouver and more frequent clashes with the Anarchs.

Early 21st Century: The fall of the Camarilla and rise of a new order. As Sabbat/Camarilla hostilities grow ever greater and the Red Star leads to increasing religious fervor, the hunters of the world grow ever more active and become an increasingly dangerous threat.

2008/9: The Sabbat and Camarilla erupt into open hostilities in the city of Vancouver, the Masquerade is severely strained, the Camarilla uses the pretense of a Vancouver gang war to hide the rampant violence.

Late 2009: The hostilities between the Camarilla and Sabbat wind down with the Ivory Tower severely weakened but decisively victorious. The victory is clearly a pyric one however, for as the Camarilla moves to reconsolidate power, a series of devastating hunter strikes destroy it’s fragile hold on the city. The few survivors are forced to go deeply underground or flee the city altogether.

2010/11: The clans Giovanni and Setite, increasingly cooperative with each other, begin to assess the possibility of installing a co-praxis over Vancouver with a member each clan as ruler. Infiltration and consolidation of power begins and is met with great success as many ghouls in positions of power within Vancouver are easily assimilated into their two clans.

May 9th 2011: The Independent Alliance is formed in Las Vegas and the city of Vancouver is officially claimed by the sect in the following nights.

2012: The Chicago Blood Accord is signed, ending open hostilities between Camarilla and Sabbat until 2019, at which time the Accord can be renewed or ended. The Accord further disbars either faction from making an alliance with the Independent Alliance. With both Camarilla and Sabbat able to war on the IA and no longer as busy with each other, the IA in Vancouver looks to build alliances with other vampires who could help them hold the city. To that end, Anarchs are invited to the city of Vancouver and granted the right to reside there so long as they obey the laws set forth by the IA.

2012-2018 (May): The Anarch and Independent Alliance members of Vancouver form a treaty allowing the Anarchs to have rights and freedoms within Vancouver so long as they answer to the Doyens and obey the laws. A Baron is appointed (by the Anarchs at the behest of the IA) to be their chief and is granted privileges and duties by the Doyens. The Anarchs chafe at the poorly communicated agreement. The Doyens’ interpretations of the agreement become less and less favourable to the Anarchs as time progresses. The Followers of Set Doyen is killed, seemingly by other Followers of Set. The Anarch Baron is killed by hunters and the remaining Anarchs rebel against the agreement none of them signed, openly staking claim to Surrey. The Independent Alliance, unsettled by internal power disruptions, is seen as vulnerable. The Camarilla move in and retake dominant control of the region in a largely bloodless coup.

2018 (May) – Now: The Camarilla through Prince Carden de Vergobret and his court took its Emerald Jewel back. A major earthquake has rocked the region straining local resources. The Unblinded Brotherhood, a Sabbat offshoot, have revealed themselves to be active in the area launching an assault on Kindred.

Chronicle Elements

The following elements represent a qualitative assessment of the prominence of each element within the venue. The ratings are scaled 1 through 5, with 1 meaning the element is never present, 3 meaning it's often present, and 5 meaning it's always present.

Action (Combat and challenges): 3.5 Combat will be a possible outcome of inter-character conflict but will be an uncommon occurrence in average games. Characters seeking combat will have opportunities to find it and characters seeking to avoid will likely be able to avoid it if they are careful. Overt threats are creeping up in activity. What could be around that corner?

Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 4 This game will focus on character development by being a place of conflict for characters, and as such, forcing them to re-evaluate who they really are and push their boundaries.

Darkness (PC Corruption): 4 The world of Vampire the Masquerade is a dark one, filled with horror, and vampirism is a state of existence in which even the most ideal are turned into predators. This game will not shy away from the horrors of vampiric existence and will be filled with difficult decisions that force characters to face the dark reality that they inhabit. Beast Traits are real. Losing control to the beast will be a real possibility. Choose carefully. Give an inch, the beast takes a mile. I will give you all the rope you need to hang yourselves.

Death (PC Death): 3 Everything is on the line in the Jyhad, your pride, your freedom and most importantly, your eternal unlife. The risks are real and those who take them will gain the most, but there will be consequences. Character death will NOT be taken lightly by the Storytelling team. Larger risks will have sign-posting. Walking toward the fire in those cases will be taken as accepting the increased danger. PVP actions are permitted.

Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 4 The Vampiric court is filled with ancient creatures who’s existence has been defined by ancient ceremonies, they will insist on such elements to be present in their courts and the unlives of Anarchs are filled with the passions of their struggles.

Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 5 The Vampiric court is a hotbed of intrigue, this game will focus on the courtly intrigue as a means to gain power while maintaining the peace that tenuously exists between the sects.

Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 4 Whether Camarilla, Anarch or IA member, Vampiric society is a place of unique social doctrines. From the ‘games’ of the Anarchs to the decorum practiced in the Sacred Spaces of the IA, or the Byzantine Power Politics of the Camarilla, this game will demand players experience a social etiquette not found in mortal society.

Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 4 Mystery will be an ever present element as new and intriguing events and phenomena fill the unlives of the court.

Experience and Development

Characters can earn up to the maximums allowed per month based on AGR, limited by the XP cap. A character can earn up to 10 points per game and 10 for every downtime submitted, 2 additional points will be awarded for costuming that adds to the ambiance of the game and an additional 2 points will be awarded to players who contribute to plot developments for the chronicle. In this way players can reach the (current) full 12xp by either attending and playing the game and or downtime participation: one simply needs to do more than nothing.

A note on rarity merits:

Your character’s cost in rarity merit depends on which sect you belong to. To play a standard member of clan Giovanni in the IA costs 0 points, to play a Premascine Giovanni in the IA costs 4 points and requires high approval (aNST), to play a Premascine or standard Giovanni who is Unaligned costs 6 points and requires global approval and the expenditure of VIP points. Characters may be created as members of the Independent Alliance, Anarch Movement, Camarilla or no sect at all (Unaligned). The rarity merit cost you pay depends on your character’s TRUE sect.

A note on elders:


Players who wish to play elder level characters should review the Elder Compendium document here.

Players who wish to play elder characters should submit their applications with some additional thought. Firstly, there will be very few elders in this game as I am using the guidelines which were originally proposed for VSTs by MES. These guidelines are 10/30/60 ratio, essentially 1 elder to every 3 ancilla and 6 neonates with a modifier of plus or minus 1 elder for the total population of characters. That means in a game with 20 player characters, there will be a maximum of 2-3 local elders.