Vanessa "Van" Sullivan

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Aliases: Van
Tribe/Fera Breed: Bastet, Ceilican
Sept: Sept of the Fallen Green
Pack: Three-Eyes

Reknown: Fostern rank; fleeting varies

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Homid form: 40ish, average in height and build, attractive but not so much as to draw . She has light skin, one brown eye and one blue one, and brown hair with a blue-dyed underlayer. Typically dressed in bright, boho-styled clothing, with a long sash, two moon pendants - one gold, one bone - dangling earrings, and many jingling gold bangles.

Sokto form: Noticeably taller (nearly 6') and thinner than her homid form, with sharp incisors, retractable claws, and cat-slitted eyes, the brown one glinting amber. Since her feline fur lacks clear markings to pick up, her coloration does not change; instead, her ears become longer and distinctly pointed, making her look almost as much like a Sidhe as a shifter. The long, fluffy gray tail is a giveaway, however, when not hidden by her skirts. Her clothing tends to remain completely present in this form, except for her shoes. This is the form she typically uses in combat.

Crinos form: A 7' tall, lithe, cat-headed woman with short gray fur, black-tufted ears, and a long, plumed tail. Brilliant blue markings on the back of her head and neck (the shifted effect of her homid form's hair dye) seem almost to glow from within, as do her eyes, now one blue and one amber. Though some or all of her clothing may vanish, she retains all her jewelry. The mystical aura typical of Bastet in Crinos manifests as much like a fae's Glamour, and those who suffer the least severe levels of Delirium tend almost without exception to rationalize the experience as having occurred in a particularly vivid dream. Few outside her pack have seen this form.

Chatro form: a huge, heavily built, gray-furred feline, with especially massive paws, black-tufted ears, and huge exposed incisors, she looks as if someone had crossed a Canada Lynx with a Sabertooth Tiger... except for the utterly incongruous eyes, one blue and one amber. Because of this implausible mix, it's impossible to mistake her for even the largest of mundane cats, even from a distance. None of her garments or adornments remain except the two moon pendants, hanging from golden chains around her neck. Few outside her pack have seen this form.

Feline form: a very lynx-like Maine Coon cat, about 20lbs, with thick, vaguely stripey gray fur, black tufts on her ears, a long plumed tail, one blue eye and one amber. Her pendants appear as a pair of moon-shaped tags, one gold and one white enamel, on a decorative collar of gold chain. Despite being homid-born, she seems quite comfortable in this form, to the extent of preferring it for sleeping (and like all cats, she's quite fond of naps).


Van/essa, as she typically styles her name, is a Twin Soul Ceilican who currently has semi-split personalities; Van is Twilight (Philodox), laid back and friendly, while Vanessa is Night (Theurge), arrogant and bitchy. Both personas are aware of each other, share their memory, and can switch at a moment’s notice. (Think of a cat begging cutely for belly rubs, then when it gets them, suddenly attacking your hand.) She runs the This & That Curiosity Shoppe in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NYC, which serves as the base for the mixed-Fera pack “Three-Eyes”, and sometimes poses as her own shop cat. She has amnesia for all but the broadest details of her life before the Ceilican vanished, as well as the time they were gone.

Currently a Fostern despite her age, as the Ceilican traditionally found high rank more trouble than it was worth, now that she has joined the Garou Nation she has indicated her intention to challenge for Adren as soon as the spirits allow, and for the Sept's Master of Challenges as soon as she succeeds.


  • 1950 – born in NYC (homid).
  • 1964 – First Change; runs away from home, drops out of school, and generally vanishes into counterculture/hippie circles.
  • 1964-1984 – exists under various human identities, passing herself off as a Qualmi among the Fera. Somewhere in here, she hung around with some of the Fae, and even spent a year or two playing familiar to a Verbena Mage. (Open for ties, though she may not remember them!)
  • 1985-2010 – vanishes with the rest of the Ceilican. Comes back apparently the same age she left.
  • 2011 – takes the identity of Van/essa Sullivan, and befriends the lonely, elderly owner of an antique shop, learning the trade and becoming his closest friend. (open for ties from return-present!)
  • Early 2012 – inherits the shop (with apartment above) and renames it the “This & That Curiosity Shoppe”; becomes a founding member of the Three-Eyes Pack, opening the shop and apartment as their base. The pack allies with the Sept of the Fallen Green.
  • 2013 – speaks (as Van) for peace at the Northeastern Peace Talks of 2013.
  • 2014 – Eyeteeth is Bitten and adopted into the pack.
  • 2016 - Spots new feline-born Ceilican, Gentry, and takes her in as apprentice/adoptive kitten
  • 2017 – Hollis Faraday becomes Alpha, and Three-Eyes joins the Garou Nation.
    • Speaks at the Concolation (as Van) in favor of Fera rights.




  • Vanessa and Van play a complicated game of pretending to be each other; the real trick is breaking through to find out which is the real one.
  • add your own!


  • "I don't like Van better than Vanessa, or Vanessa better than Van. I enjoy their coexistence. She makes obligatory gatherings worth going to, at least for the conversation." - Hollis Faraday
  • "She knows birds. First cat I ever sat on that didn't try to eat me." - [Caprice]



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Player: Emily Bond

Storyteller: John Christensen

Location: New York, NY (Domain)