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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Vanessa Ramirez

Deed Name: CyberHowls

Pack Name: Thieves in the Night

Honorable Intorduction: Vanessa Ramirez, Known to the Nation as CyberHowls, Child of Cockroach, Born under the Waning Gibbous Moon, on two legs, Cliath at the The Sept of the Eastern Skies


Date Life Event Notes
February 28th, 1999 Birth of Vanessa to Mr and Mrs Ramirez. Mrs Ramirez is a sister to Tyler St. Croix (Wassador Mehegan) Father.
August 2003 (Age 4) Starts Kindergarten
August 2009 (Age 10) Starts 6th grade, Put in TAGS classes for Science and Foreign languages. While in 7-8 grade Vanessa starts taking high school honor classes.
August 2012 (Age 13) Starts Freshman year of High School with AP classes as she completed the requirements by 8th grade.
August 2013 (Age 14) Starts Sophomore year of High school and begins to take college courses at Yale on the side.
August 2014 (Age 15) Vanessa Graduates High school a year early and is enrolled into Yale's Computer Science and Mechatronics Engineering program. She stays at Yale for 3 years Graduating with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a minor in Cybernetic Mechatronics.
January 2015 (Age 16) Begins Research and Development on Cybernetics and Mechatronics and begins to sell them in the Science Field. This is also around the time she becomes a published scientist in her field of study.
July 5th 2017 (Age 18) Vanessa is invited to Chaperone at a Tech Seminar at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. While at the Seminar She stumbles upon a group of Cubs performing a hunt on the night of their first change with their Den Parent.
July 6th 2017 Vanessa talks to her cousin Tyler St. Croix (Wassador Mahegan) not knowing whom to talk to.
July 20th 2017 Vanessa is brought to Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT.
October 14th 2017 Vanessa travels with her cousin, Wassador Mahegan and Johnathan Still Waters to the Sept of the Eastern Skies to meet Damir , Lang , Black Tongue , Fragile Bones from the Sept of White Fields. Vanessa answers the Call to Arms from the Master of Rites: SH4M4N , and journeys with them to the Cyber Realm.
November 4th 2017 Tensions Explode when Vanessa arrives at the The Sept of the White Field very sick with "Garou Flu" after her trip to the Cyber Realm.
December 2nd 2017 Vanessa starts to fall in love with Luke 'Lightning Palms' Lamhada, when she finds out hes gotten trapped in the Realm of Fluxx. Sol Invictus recovers Luke and discovers how to create the Talen of the Good Death.
December 10th 2017 Vanessa feeling so alone goes to talk to Luke in his coma after coming back from Fluxx. Vanessa goes to leave Luke, she give him a kiss on the cheek and Luke wakes and rage frenzies on her. Luke almost kills Vanessa.
December 20th 2017 - January 3rd 2018 Vanessachuck journeys to San Diego to help her tribe.
January 6th 2018 Vanessa buys her first house at age 18 in Western MA.
February 3rd 2018 Vanessa goes on her first Pentex raid as a Cub answering the call to arms of the Wyrmfoe as the highest ranking hacker in the Sept.
February 10th 2018 Vanessa goes on her first scouting mission with her friend Ghost to Deer Island in Boston. She used her drone dubbed "Droney" to cut the power to the island. RIP Droney. Vanessa answers the Boston Sept Warder call to arms to defend the Boston Caern Seed.
March 3rd 2018 Vanessa goes on her Rank Challenge and is Accepted by Badger. She is now known to the Nation as "CyberHowls". Vanessa is given the moniker "Queen" at the Slap Dance moot for telling the story "Assault on Deer Island" Vanessa helps the wyrmfoe assault a vampire drug den. Everyone had to die, She feels guilty having to protect the veil like this.
March 11th, 2018 Vanessa observes several rites while in Boston. She also talks to her friend SH4M4N to try and cheer him up because he was sad. Vanessa went on a mission with Hex the Sept fool and helped with her drone to scout out a vampire house in Lawrence. There was an epic battle with Hex and a monster and then we torched that place in a blazing fire.
March 26th, 2018 Vanessa becomes a Pack Alpha of Thieves in the Night with the totem Raccoon Her pack mates are Ghost, Laughing Jack and Random Cliath.
April 14th, 2018 Vanessa formally joins the Sept of the Eastern Skies. Vanessa went on a mission with ghost to learn about the source of the taint surrounding Deer Island.
April 15th, 2018 Vanessa flies out to Cleveland, OH to begin preparations for the Glasswaker Tribal moot.
May 12th, 2018 Everything falls apart for Vanessa and her secret is exposed. It is revealed this is due to her ignorance and poor education by her previous Den Parent. She is given the Moniker:

Reckless Little Queen of Wisdom's Scorn.

June 3rd, 2018 Vanessa is informed that her former best friend and confidant Luke Bitten, Fostern, Fianna, Theurge, known to the Nation as "Oak Embers." Fell to the forces of the Wyrm in defense of the Bawn at the The Sept of the White Field during the Fall of the Hive in Springfield, MA.


  • Things are different now between Luke and her ever since "The Awakening and Revelations"
  • For one as Talented and Gifted as her, you'd think she'd have a bit more common sense.
  • What is this Garou Flu she keeps going on about?
  • Roger Daly must fancy Vanessa to nickname her his "Little Queen"

Known Allies and Friends

Friends Allies
~~ Travis ~~ Buddy
~~ Henri ~~ Max Sierra
~~ Haley, Trial by Fire ~~ SH4M4N
~~ Three Step ~~ Glow Bug
~~ Luke Lamhada ~~ Hex
~~ Damir ~~ Shadowrun
~~ Reidah ~~ Eddy (NPC)
~~ Aimee ~~ Cheyene

Vanessa's Tales and Stories

These are the stories written and told by Vanessa.

Awakening (featuring Sol Invictus) tells the tale of what actually happened in December after Luke was recovered from Fluxx and how Vanessa caused him to awaken from his coma and the aftermath resulting from it.

Of Honor, Cubs, and Chinimage tells the tale of how Vanessa learned about paying proper Chinimage to the Spirit of Chimera and how the cubs learned to come together and work as a team.

Assault on Deer Island tells the tale of how Vanessa was invited on a Scouting mission and is now learning that her actions have serious consequences.

OOC Information

This Character is Retired

Player: Sabrina Hyland

Player Email: Sabrina Hyland

Storyteller: Dan C

Storyteller Email: Dan C

Location: Boston MA, MA-003-D