Vanishing Grin

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Vanishing Grin

Is it the stripes or the spots you see?
Was it hearts or diamonds, baby, brought you here to me?
Darling, you know better than to trust a pack of cards!
What have we learned,
the world is never as mad as it could be.
If I leave my grin behind, remind me
we're all mad here and it's ok!

-Cheshire Kitten (We're All Mad Here) - S.J. Tucker

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Vanishing Grin

Lot: Bastet, Celican, Dusk

Known Human Aliases: Tee, Tess Hargreaves (current), Tabitha Parker, Tanya Rogers.

Notable Traits: American, but speaks Irish Gaelic. Frequently changes dress styles and the color of her eyes and hair on a whim, or for work. No one is quite sure what her 'natural' look is, except for her tortoiseshell Feline form. Very comfortable in Feline for one thought to be a Homid.

Special Skills: Listening, dime-store psychoanalysis, bartending, distractions, thievery, grifting, bad puns

Society: Freelance ;-)

Current home? Puerto Rico

Feline, and not sorry.


Tee is known to the mundane world as an itinerant bartender. The Bastet are prone to roam, and bartending is a good gig if you're looking for something permanently-temporary and mostly under the table. It's helped her to cross paths with Fera and Gauru over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes *possibly* with the intention of checking out a Sept's territory to see what the locals are like. She's easily found working in bars and clubs, enriching the local party scene.

As many shifters undergo much psychological strain, most of the time locals have little to no problem with a laid back bartender possessed of a kind ear and adept listening skills. Her views on the world and their places within it can be a bit out of left-field, and a bit confounding at times to other species, but usually helpful? Sense of etiquette can be likewise perverse, but she has a way of talking herself out of awkward or sometimes outright dangerous situations. To say she's mercurial is something of an understatement.

In some circles of Fera, she's also known to have skills in less-legal lines of work, which she is willing to put back into use if it means taking a chunk out of the Unmaker and his hordes. But as far as human society goes, she's an honest citizen now. Albeit a citizen with several different aliases over the years and no trace of an existence between ages three and twenty seven.

In the autumn she moved down to Puerto Rico, as she is flirting with the idea of joining the Garou Nation. Also looking to make a bit more of her mundane profession in a tropical tourist/party town.

Undercover with Ratkin.


  • "I mix drinks, and I know things." Nods solemnly.
  • "Kaijiit has booze if you have coin."
  • "Rub my tummy its totes not a trap." :D



  • Helped a Fera pack beef up territory security by repeatedly breaking back into it to find the problem.
  • Is actually Feline, not Homid.
  • Actually Irish, its her American accent that's fake.
  • Among the Rokea, is known as "Fluffy McNotFood"
  • Always carries handcuffs.

As he sips my untouched drink, I say "I can't be who I think"
He says "You are, and you're not, and I am too.
Are we figments of our gin? Are we long-lost orphaned kin?
Or the mad descendants of a writer's pen?
No one's sane behind their mask. Ask what you really want to ask."
And I close my eyes and whisper, "Can you take me back again?"

-The Girl That's Never Been, Escape Key

VERY incognito.

Buddies :)

Don't poke the Rokea.

Seeking Connections, 2012-2017

  • Friends & Allies
  • Professional: Bartending/Club life
  • Professional: Thief/Grifter/Spy
  • Team Celican!
  • Competitive frenimies
  • Platonic handcuffs
  • Pirates, Ninjas, and Robots

Character Inspirations

  • Sidney Bristow (Alias)
  • Parker (Leverage)
  • Guinan (TNG)
  • Johnny Mnmemonic (movie)

Sokto, pic by Shaddious


  • Cheshire Kitten (We're All Mad Here) - S.J. Tucker
  • The Girl That's Never Been - Escape Key
  • Chinese Burn - Curve
  • Beautiful Thieves - AFI
  • More here on Youtube

OOC Information

Player: Cris Fisher

Player Email: email

Storyteller: Eddie

Storyteller Email: email

Location: Queens, NY

  • Rarity Merit approval USA-NET-WA-1702-037253