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Commonly known

Name: Vanya

Union: Conservators

Chartered Company: None


Vanya makes no secret of her origin in the Core, nor that she is actively resentful that she no longer lives there. She doesn't share her actual house or birth name, but she clearly was trained as a doctor inside the Core. Normally, she copes with this by taking large quantities of drugs, far more than seems safe. When she sobers up, though, she's a skilled doctor and cyberneticist, and seems to understand a lot about the biology of various supernatural types.


Usually high on something, always wears a head covering of some kind and a robe



  • Vanya used to work directly for Cheiron
  • Vanya still works for Chieron
  • She invents her own new drugs
  • She's not actually as high as she acts
  • She's got a bounty on her real identity, which is why she never uses it
  • Dom has something on her that keeps her around him so much
  • She knows way too much about how Synthetics were designed not to have been involved in making them


  • "Vanya is absolutely delightful, and the life of every party. It's too bad whenever she comes around she leaves so soon... Think I should accidentally wind up stowing away in her bed. I don't think she'd mind doing some science on my, uh, body." -Fleur Sablux
  • "In our vast universe of infinite possibilities, Vanya might still be the only one who really understands." - Evander Katharos
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From Her

  • "Magic is not the solution to your problem here. Technology is."
  • "Space gets into your brain, drives you crazy, and causes you to destroy everyone around you. Of course it's evil."
  • "The only thing more arrogant than an old vampire is a mage."
  • "The core was right to drive supernaturals out. As long as humanity relies on powers which are distributed arbitrarily, it can't truly grow."
  • "Well, I got sober, so now I'm going to go join the group of mages and put my asshole face on."

Her People



Full playlist here

  • Children of the Sun - Poets of the Fall
  • Dreaming Wide awake - Poets of the Fall
  • Breath of Life - Florence and the Machine
  • Children of the Sun - Thomas Bergersen
  • Tomorrow we Fight - Tommee Profitt
  • The Hate inside - Tommee Profitt
  • Fly - Maddie & Tae

Character Inspirations

  • Pawter Simms (Killjoys)
  • Simon Tam (Firefly)
  • Dr Julian Bahsir (Star Trek DS9)
  • Ezri Dax (Star Trek DS9)

OOC Information

Player: KP

Storyteller: Boston VST

Location: Strugni Station (Boston MA)

Wiki Code borrowed shamelessly from Jonathan F and Abby E