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Commonly Known Information

Name: Varangian

Mortal Name: Jon Rikkson

Notable Traits: Luminary Elder

Clan: Toreador

Last Seen: October 2018. Has returned to Torpor, and is no longer actively played.

Elder Varangian is a bored Toreador elder, with a quick wit and sharp tongue.

He's also a great stickler for manners and decorum. Elder Varangian been known to take on neonate's to *train* them, and sometimes they aren't even flayed. He was deeply affected by the Taedium Vitae, and struggles to find meaning in modern nights. He uses both performance art and winemaking to relieve the ennui. He has paid a great deal in boons for anything to relieve the boredom, and has been known to seek out strange and wonderful entertainment.

No one has seen the elusive elder for quite some time. Some think he may have returned to torpor, to be seen in game or played again.


Jon was born to a Kievan Rus (Viking in Russia) farmer, near what is now St. Petersburg. As a young man, bored of his small village, he travelled south along one of the trade routes to Constantinople. His stories and songs were noticed by Petronius, who felt that the Skald needed to be preserved, and embraced him. Northmen at the time were regarded as strangers, and referred to as 'Varangians'. Other local toreador felt that the title 'Varangian' was a suitable insult for an outsider, and the name stuck. Having long since proved himself to the Camarilla, he now wears the name with pride, always looking out for outsiders loyal to the camarilla.

For nearly 300 years, Varangian travelled around the mediterranean. When the Courts of Love were established, he was a great propenent of them. From 1386 to 1454, Varangian served as Keeper of Elysium for Paris, France.

During the 1600's (Age of Piracy), Varangian was attracted to the wildness of the Caribbean. He owned a pirate Sloop, plundered wealth, and sought out natural beauty. Near 1600, Jon returned to Toreador strongholds in France with wealth and tales of natural beauty, and was recognized as the progenitor of a Lineage.

In modern nights, Jon has found himself in western Canada. It's one of the few places in the world civilized enough to be safe for an elder, yet wild enough to remain interesting. He's been there for only a few years.


  • Enjoys `training` younger neonates. Sometimes even leaves them whole
  • A stickler for manners, and has been known to get very angry when insulted by his lessers
  • Devout christian, though he keeps his faith mostly to himself.
  • Has been known to get into a well fought wits battle with Elder Aysel J. Scott, which he wins without question.

OOC Information

Player: : Lucas S. CA200112065

Player Email:

Storyteller: Noel L.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada (CND 010 Dark Vineyard)