Vaughn Chanel Valentine

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Commonly Known Information


Vaughn Chanel Valentine

"Money might not buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in a Rolls Royce than on the bus."

Notable Traits:

Vaughn is known for a love of white satin, gold chains, and big, feathered hair. Her soft Southern accent and loud Miami clubwear are among the notable traits which sometimes make the Midwesterners she lives around question where all the money has come from. But when the champagne is pouring so freely from her manicured fingers, these questions somehow become less important.


Independent Alliance. It is known she actively works to make connections for her local IA with other sects.


Follower of Set


Vaughn is a member of the Legacy of Amatus (page link forthcoming).

"Religion is the only thing that keeps the poor from murdering the rich."


Today: Vaughn Chanel Valentine is all high heels, white satin, synthetic lame, feathered hair and dripping gold off every finger. An openly recruiting member of the Independent Alliance and Theophidian, she is more than happy to help educate your neonates about the gifts and lessons provided by the God of Storms. She makes it well known that ALL are welcome to be pampered and partied at her public temple just South of Omaha proper. Because what's a sermon without a soak in the hot tub after?

"If you obey all the rules, you'll miss all the fun."

Early Life: Vaughn first came to the New World in the early 1800s with an entourage of chaperones assigned by her father, and the young woman was instantly enthralled with the steamboats traveling along the southern coast of the country. Settling into the new boomtown of New Orleans, she made herself a name in high-society circles for her generous investments and charity gifts. Over time, her group of chaperones strangely dwindled, and she grew closer to her new friends as the port city grew. Dinner parties and profit dances aside, her favorite place to be was in the excitement of the market. She loved the delicious confusion of tongues: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch mixed in a gumbo where her own native French reigned, of course, supreme. Although Vaughn speaks positively about her sire and grand-sire, very few stories are shared about the time between her embrace and her arrival in the Midwest just prior to the creation of the IA.

"I have to be blessed by the Gods. I like expensive things."


  • Vaughn has an Egyptian-themed, sideshow-style bar in Omaha's Sports District called, "The Red Pyramid". It is a bar of entertainments, from Middle Eastern bands, to floor-seated hookah tables, and exotic dancers and snakecharmers, entertaining the patrons from all over the red, shag-carpeted and velvet interior studded with accessories of Egyptian gold in all it's gaudy glory. It is staffed by a variety of mortals, often willing to provide services such as massage, procurement, and other back-room deals. All seem happy and nearly...languid in temperament. Locals encounter them on occasion, acting as couriers for the Followers of Set and the IA.
  • Two small exotic leopards have been occasionally seen leashed to the back garden furniture.
  • It is rumored that Vaughn spends more money on entertainment and investments than any other vampire in Omaha's recent history. She has been known to invest in all sorts of schemes, profitable and not, and appears to select them based only on how entertaining they are to her.
"We are the Empire at the height of decadence...and it is wonderful."


  • "I have heard someone say, 'Vaughn's money wont last forever.' It is also said that 'a fool and his money are soon parted' ... The irony then, her currency however, are the fools themselves..." -- Diego Amador
  • "Vaughn's honesty is the illusion I love best; there is unexpected substance there and I recommend exploring it. The worst that will happen is you'll have a marvelous time." - Irvine
  • “Send it back. They didn't pay you a large enough boon for what they're asking you to do." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
  • "I have only recently been reminded that when you feel content in the stillness of a serpents head, be certain to maintain control... because the moment you grow complacent, she will remind you that above all else... she is a serpent, and serpents bite. Well played, young lady. " -- Diego Amador
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