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Name: Alynn Vekker
Aliases: Vek, V.E.C.R-19
Pronouns: They/Them
Type: Synthetic Human
Subtype: Fae-Touched
Apparent Age: 35
Current Location: Augustus Station
Union: Mercenaries Union
Chartered Company:


Vek is a synthetic human who wears stylized make up across their face, which looks like something between war paint and something more glamorous. They have two cybernetic arms that are covered by synthetic flesh however they're still noticeably cyber. They have a barcode tattoo behind their left ear and another on their right hip bone.


Player: Jason Knox
MES Number: US2010076329
Domain: NY-004-D
Location: NY, NY
Storyteller Email: NYC VST
Coordinator: Ilan N.


Character Information


Vek uses smiles and laughter as weapons, for that matter, they use the majority of their emotions and expressions as weapons. They can't help it; they were built for combat. Knowing how to hurt people is second nature to them. And although that is the case, they have so much love for other synthetics. When it comes to other synthetics they struggle against their natural impulses, at least when they're fighting themself they aren't hurting the people they care about. And they care very deeply. They are passionate, possibly fanatical, about synthetic rights and freedoms. As fanatical as they are about other synthetics there are a few non-synthetics they care for as well.


  • 4049 - V.ariable E.xfiltration C.ombat R.esource - Delta batch of soldiers is fast grown and trained on Sqayro - Aleph. 101 soldiers in the VECR - Delta batch survive training and are deployed.
  • 4050 - VECR - Delta is sent to the war front. VECR-19 is assigned to the 75 Wing. They meet and serve along side XXXXX. 95 soldiers in VECR - Delta survive their first year.
  • 405 - VECR-19 serves with distinction and is put in command of a platoon of synth soldiers. 80 soldiers in VECR - Delta survive their second year.
  • 4052 - 63 soldiers in VECR - Delta survive their third year.
  • 4053 - 57 soldiers in VECR - Delta survive their fourth year.
  • 4054 -
    • Chaul enters military service.
    • If VECR-19 was considered a soldier they would have been promoted and awarded the Expeditionary Fleet Award for leading their platoon safely behind enemy lines into rescuing the crew of a science vessel that had irreplaceable research. However because they are equipment their accomplishment goes unremarked. 44 soldiers in VECR - Delta survive their fifth year.
  • 4055 - VECR-19’s squad is paired with Chaul’s Deep Recon and Infiltration Unit. Chaul and VECR-19 become friends. VECR-19 promises Chaul that they will always retrieve them. This is the first conscious decision VECR-19 makes for themself. 30 soldiers in VECR - Delta survive their sixth year.
  • 4056 - 22 soldiers in VECR - Delta survive their seventh year.
  • 4057 - 12 soldiers in VECR - Delta survive their eighth year.
  • 4058 -
    • Chaul is Taken while on mission.
    • VECR-19 is reprimanded repeatedly for returning to the area where Chaul was last scene to search for them. 6 soldiers in VECR - Delta survive their ninth year.
  • 4059 - VECR-19 retrieves Chaul’s Fetch. If they were a soldier they would receive a commendation for not giving up on another soldier. They are property and so no one cares. VECR-19 refuses to believe that the Fetch is Chaul. VECR-19 assaults the Fetch. VECR-19 is considered defective. Mentally fixated on “rescuing” Chaul and unable to process that the they already have rescued them. In addition, VECR-19 has an unusual aural signature similar to Thuriaz infiltrators. VECR-19 is boxed for study after the war ends. 6 soldiers, including VECR-19 survive their tenth year. VECR-19’s box is sent to long term storage and forgotten about.

Official records end here.

  • 4092 - 4096 A cold storage facility is robbed one of the assets believed to be stole was VECR-19
    • A synthetic matching the appearance of VECR-19 is 1 or 12 synthetics seen in the employ as an enforcer for Cynnis Krell. Krell is a crime boss on a Verge backwater.
  • 4097 - Surveillance footage reveals Krell and 4 synthetics including possibly VECR-19 leaving the scene of a firefight between Krell's organization and zir's smaller rivals.
  • 4098 - Krell is wanted for a string of hijackings and robberies throughout the Verge. It is suspected that ze is using combat synthetics as muscle.
  • 4099 - Krell and 3 illegally possessed Cheiron synthetics are all killed in an attempt to rob an OmCom payroll shipment.
  • 4100 - A. Vekker is employed on a space station in the Verge as a first responder.
  • 4101 - A. Vekker leads quiet life, solitary. Many of the co-workers like them as they often cover when people need time off.
  • 4102 - A. Vekker is instrumental in helping to put out a fire and save a freighter, The Harvest, from destruction. Surveillance footage shows the captain of the freighter, a Kiley Roden, meeting with A.Vekker. From the footage it is clear that Captain Roden recognizes A. Vekker. Captain Roden is a veteran of the Silent War and was a pilot in the 58th Rescue Squadron which employed VECR units. It is suspected that A. Vekker is VECR-19. A. Vekker resigns their post and leaves the station on board the Harvest once repairs are made. Logs show that the Harvest left the station as soon as it was space worthy with many necessary repairs still needed. It is hypothesized that Captain Roden departed before Cheiron personnel could reacquire their lost property.
  • 4103 - 4105 - An SOS is received from The Harvest. The ship is nearly scuttled half of the crew are seriously injured the other half are dead. All on board are brought to a medical frigate for treatment. A. Vekker or VECR-19 is not among those brought in.



"Follow your passion... Our passions are emanations of our true self. The more we chase and explore them the more we learn just who we are. We, of course, have had the luxury of spending decades to find out who we are stolen from us, so we must do what they do better and more efficiently."


  • Tristan Katharos - "It was contracted to sabotage my brother. It displayed the good judgement not to risk a werewolf rampage in a densely populated area. A combat synth outfitted with advanced reasoning capacity? Had I not known better I would have thought it was a top of the line Katharos produced model."
  • Nour - Vek is at an interesting point in their life, where they have learned the dangers and horrors of being controlled and thus crave freedom in every aspect of their life, but haven't yet learned that to care for others is to allow them to control you and thus a life of true freedom is a very lonely life indeed.


  • They infiltrated a small Cheiron Group research facility and released a viral payload being developed killing everyone in the facility.
  • They and two other combat synths were involved in a shooting at a synth dealership which resulted in a number of injured and fatalities.
  • Is not actually VECR-19 but VECR-19's Fetch.
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  • Roy Batty
  • Nat Turner
  • Magneto
  • Grace Jones
  • Earth Kitt

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Other Characters


  • QuietFoot - Ragabash, BoneGnawer, Lupus, Bitten


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