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Name: Velia Zanatosa

Notable Traits: Always wears a mask of some kind. Gorgeous, with a powerful voice and stage presence.

OOC Mechanic: Fame 3, Southwest Region


Velia exploded into the music scene of LA when she formed the band Justicar in 2015, leading the group into the spotlight with their 2016 album release. She credits bands such as Black Sabbath and Slayer as musical inspirations. Her powerful vocals help pull together the often heavy music of the metal band.

The young woman was born in Georgia, getting her start in music in garage bands throughout high school and college. She graduated in Georgia State before moving to LA. Unfortunately not long after, her parents were tragically killed. She focused on writing music, stating that losing herself in song is what saved her from a deep depression.

In the Press

  • Uses "Justicar" to smuggle red listed Camarilla members into the sabbat strongholds so they can join the Sword.
  • Quite enjoys the backside of the placeholder loyalist vicar, Ryan Avildson.
  • Rumor here.

Sign the Guestbook

  • "Fuck the Clergy!" ~ Velia
  • "She is an amazing artist, why did I choose her? I don't know I was quite young.. but her music is honestly something all Cainities of the Sword should listen to. And yes, I am one of her biggest fans! Why shouldn't I be? I am her mother." - Emilia Odobleja
  • "I do not know who this 'Papa Emeritus' is she keeps comparing me to, but Velia seems fond of him." - Constantin Odobleja
  • "Want to do some drugs? It's all she kept asking me at the synod. Fuck yea I wanted to do some drugs." Jean-Claude
  • "She is the one thing that I'd offer my life to protect" Alexander Tenebris
  • "Velia is the new Loyalist Pope, ALL HAIL THE LOYALIST POPE! But more seriously, her drugs are amazing, her parties are brilliant, and in the game of 'which vissicituded organ is mine or yours?', she wins, because, I honestly don't know what is what." - Mordechai

About Justicar

Justicar is a hard rocking Goth/Metal group based out of the LA area. Their first album was titled "The Red List". From which the single "Amaranth" charted well and propelled the group into the spotlight. A year long tour in 2016 followed. In 2017, the group returned to the studio to write and record their next album, "Burning the Ivory Tower", which was released in July of 2018. In late August of the same year, they released a surprise single online titled "Punk Ass Priscus", available to download, share, and edit, free to any and everyone.

2019 finds Justicar currently at work on their next studio album, title yet released. They continue to tour and have accumulated quite an impressive following of fans and groupies in each city they visited.


Band Members
Lead Vocals / Songwriter: Princess
Synth/Vocals/Songwriter: Archon
Lead Guitar: PR1MA
Bass Guitar: Marshal
Drums: Lord Scourge

Crew and Label info

Record Label
Tower Records
Band Manager
Arthur Hemmings, CEO
Touring Manager
Rys Morningstar
Charles Cooley, Esquire
Alopecia Nosferatu

Among the Sword

Velia is a Tzimisce of the Vratislav lineage. The neonate is a brash, outspoken Loyalist, Ductus of her pack.

OOC Info

Player: Randi H, US2013030023

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Storyteller: Gerard Gully

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Location: San Bernardino, CA