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Name: Vengeance
Clan: Brujah
Generation: 11th
Position: Primogen
House: Siegrid-Agmundr House


Confirmed (Neonate)


Notable Traits


Vengence3.jpg Vengence2.jpg Katana.png Vengence1.jpg

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  • date – event

  • 1960 - Born in Providence, Rhode Island
  • 1964 - Family moves to Japan due to Father's Airforce career
  • 1965 - Mother dies. V's father leaves her to various care takers unable to deal with his grief
  • 1966 - V starts roaming the streets of Tokyo and wanders into a dojo where she is taken under the wing of the Senei.
  • 1978 - V graduates high school and returns to the United States where she joins the Army
  • 1982 - V discharges from the Army and goes to the University of Rhode Island on the G.I. Bill
  • 1986 - V meets a woman calling herself Payback at The Living Room. They strike up a friendship.
  • 1986 - V comes across a group of 6 gangbangers attacking a woman. Viola intervenes, killing 5 of them with her sword. She is mortally wounded. Payback finds her and embraces her.
  • 1989 - V meets Elder Cassius Anthony of House Asher. She becomes one of his many lovers. He attempts to help teach her the ways of the tower.
  • 1997 - After years of traveling with Payback, Vengeance (So named by Payback) ends up in San Antonio, Texas. She steals a piece of vital information from an agent of Mad Dog Jack. With key pieces of other information she found she realized it was integral information that another clan needed. She managed to gain a meeting with an elder of the clan. The information she had kept the elder from killing her.
  • 1997 - Mad Dog Jack sets out to find who stole the information from his intermediary, with the intent of killing the person. After much time and resources he finds that it was Vengeance. After much more time and effort Jack and Vengeance become paramours.
  • 2000 - Mad Dog Jack and V become Paramours
  • 2006 - Embraces Jade.



  • Vengeance has a weakness for dangerous men


"Quote here"

  • "I like the sass in tha talk, and the wiggle in tha walk. Lookin forward to seein what other moves she's got." - Liam Dunsirn - Hatchet of San Antonio
  • "She is the one that I will always have at my side, some one you can trust is a Treasure. " Mad Dog Jack
  • "Payback's get are always paradoxically infuriating and entrancing. Their brusque charms are matched by their recklessness, but one must always watch for the latter to overtake the former. " Felix Winchester
  • "There's a certain charm in her, even if she isn't Family." GeGe Giovanni
  • "There's something about her I really like. Oh my God she's so interesting!" Heather
  • "You just had to get yourself all mortally wounded, didn't you? You became the unforeseen plot twist." Payback
  • "There is very little that surprises me these nights. She did. Which is rarer still for a neonate. You should never count her out; she is the dark horse." - Channon
  • "That neonate is a harlot not worthy of the Grace of God. Fortunately for her there are other monsters that require reaping of their souls before my eye catches her unrighteousness." - Eli
  • "My sire is a creature of beauty and danger. When she smiles in that certain way violence is sure to happen." Jade
  • "I see Blood, Pain, and Seduction in that order. Is it your past or your future?" Gabriel Kole
  • "She can do many things very well, but she is very loud when she does them." Richard Taylor
  • "We don't like spend much like time together, but like she's still blood. So like, unless you like want to see yours, don't like fuck with her." Karma
  • "I missed going out and beating shit with her again. Mother fuck!" Trip Line
  • "The air of danger this one exudes almost masks the tantalizing scent of sex. Almost." Xavier Frost


Name: Catherine "Kitty" Correa


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Mes number: us2012060081