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D'er mange ǿksarhogg, som eiki skal fella*. - Norwegian Proverb
Verity Adams / Eira Dagrun
"Knowledge is Power, Passion and Pleasure." - Verity

Personal Information

Name: Verity Adams
Birth Name: Eira Dagrun
Date of Birth: 1017
Embrace: 1040
Apparent Age: 30's
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Status: Established, Confirmed, Privileged as an Elder

Loyal by Karma, Primogen of Austin
Acclaimed by Siegrid of the True North, Prince of Chicago Courteous by Prince Huang Lin of Washington, D.C.

Class: Elder
Position: Primogen
City: Washington, D.C.

House Silanus

OOC Inspirations

  • Julia Wicker, The Magicians
  • Alexia Tarabotti, The Parasol Protectorate
  • Anita Blake
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • Elizabeth I
  • Dion Fortune

RP Hooks

  • Kindred she has helped to research specific topics or artifacts.
  • Kindred with whom she exchanges information
  • Students whom she has taught.
  • Drama: Lovers. Ex lovers. Almost lovers. Friends. Enemies. Frenemies.
  • Informants for specific types of information. Inquire within.
  • Whatever else you can think of.

Allies and Enemies


Born in 1017 in Norway, she has seen much of the World come and go. As a young girl she caught the attention of the local völva for her detail oriented nature and memory. She was taught the seiðr, spá and galdr, practices which encompassed shamanism, sorcery, prophecy and other forms of indigenous magic associated with women. She revelled in those opportunities and learned the runes and symbols as well as any other. As a young woman she caught the eye of her sire for her staunch protectiveness of others and fairness. She has never lost her thirst for learning, and demanded Agathon teach her to read and write in other languages. To this day she still enjoys her sire's enthusiasm for the study of the rise and fall of civilizations; yet that is not her main academic focus.

She is calm and thoughtful, unless stirred into action to fight for something for which she feels either passionate or protective; be that a political or philosophical ideal, an individual or the whole of her clan. Be certain you know whether a topic is one she holds dear before you poke the bear.

Her line of House Silanus is known for being one containing more scholars than warriors, more idealists than iconoclasts. But, she herself sometimes leans to the individualist, and has studied philosophy extensively.

Her birth name Eira means "Mercy", the second given name Dagrun means "Day" + "Secret". In the beliefs of Nordic pagans a person's name was a part of their personality, or rather in a mysterious way it represented the spiritual and intellectual nature of the individual it represented. After death it was believe the soul went with the name and the individual was restored to a new life that bore the same name. This drove the ancestral naming tradition, and the belief that the newborn child would become endowed with the qualities of the name itself (Flom, P. 252).

Why the change then, from "Mercy" and "knowledge" to "Truth" and "satisfaction of god"?

[1] Flom, George T. "Modern Name-Giving in Sogn, Norway and the Pagan Belief in Soul-Transmigration." Scandinavian Studies 2:4 (March 1916) pp. 235-254.

  Pieces of Life

Short Timeline

  • 1040 – Embraced in Trondheim, Norway by Agathon Silanus with the permission of Prince Olaf Magnusson‎
  • 1100 – Studies the lore of the clan with Siegrid of the True North in Iceland
  • 1150 – Studies philosophy and Entelechy with Amyntas of Macedon and Mila Rurik in Constantinople
  • 1175 – On evenings when Amyntas of Macedon was occupied she reveled in the remains of the mortal Library of Alexandria stored at the University of Constantinople amongst literary treasures now lost to time and memory, or wandered through the Hagia Sophia. One evening she was privileged to receive an invitation from Gesu to visit the Library of the Forgotten (pending VIP).
  • 1250 – Eira Travels across Europe sharing scholarly discussions with Earnestine and Sybil of The Triad, Farbod and Anaïs Palomer. She keeps up contact with the Triad using mail drop boxes, and ghouls around Europe.
  • 1297 – Eira is present in Scotland when Agathon Silanus embraces her brood mate Cameron Muray.
  • 1300 – 1400 – Settles in Venice to study interesting and deadly things, meets Matteo GIovanni, a fellow scholar who introduces her to some of the intricacies of the dead.
  • 1400 – A side trip to the Catacombs under Turin, Italy with Anaïs Palomer – and the odd rituals and circumstances found there – are best never spoken of again.
  • 1406 – Relocates to Vienna, Austria, where she meets Seamus Montague and Annika de Vries; the latter two fall in love.
  • 1435 – Helps found The Minerva Society, the brain childe of Valeria Brunsvick.
  • 1486 – Watches wtih curiosity as the Camarilla forms, but does not join until her Sire and Grandsire do.
  • 1490 – Moves to Madrid, Spain and takes on the name Elaina deMedici and begins a study of ritual magic in earnest.
  • 1496 – Specifically does not attend the Treaty of Tyre, refusing to play into the Tremere display of 'grandeur'.
  • 1590 – Prince of Trondhiem, Norway (Approved 2017-07-VtM-1118-027))
  • 1600 – Embraces Derek Bowman
  • 1601 – Begins utilizing the information services of Bartok Sol
  • 1650 – Sybil of The Triad visits Eira in her Praxis in Throndhiem, Norway. She meets Annika de Vries while she is in exile from Copenhagen. Another kindred spirit in occult studies, they talk until dawn’s rays begin to light the sky.
  • 1655 – Embraces Ian McDonough
  • 1689 – Eira steps down from Praxis of Trondheim, Norway.
  • 1745 – Embraces Sam Caldwell
  • 1689 – 1772 – She travels across Europe, attempting to find a missing Annika. During this time, she does not have a position, but instead uses her influence and charisma to gain allies and friends… and enemies of course. One of the friends she meets is Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson and they remain in contact in the future; Felicity contacts individuals she knows to assist. Eira hires Maciek Albescu an Assamite Vizier to help. Finally, she manages to prod the right people, Seamus Montague, into getting Annika's Clan to pay the boons needed to secure Annika’s release from Mountain Assamites.
  • 1775 – Annika is killed by Assamites. Heartbroken, Eira Moves to Colonial Virginia taking on the name Verity Adams.
  • 1875 – Torpor, on and off. Guarded by Anaïs Palomer.
  • 1950 – Wakes up, establishes in Washington, D.C.
  • 1990 – Begins utilizing Ms. Wood's services.
  • 2015 – Acquires The Old Firm

If you want the far more detailed timeline, or to make ties, email me, we'll talk.

Rumors, Truths, and Lies

  • Her studies are curious ones.
  • She seems to oppose Tremere and Giovanni politically at every turn.
  • There is some personal loss, rage and anger tied to her hatred of the Tremere
  • She also seems to dislike most innately magic and necromantic clans
  • It is hard to tell at times if she is an Idealist or an Individualist
  • No one quite knows what her passions are, but they seem to involve a love lost.
  • She is very dedicated to protecting her Clan.
  • For all that she is extremely protective of her Clan, she is not very hateful of Ventrue.
  • A chill follows her, her eyes are the blue green of the sun hitting glacial ice and she smells of freshly fallen snow.
  • Rumor
  • Rumor


  • "Clan First, Last and Always." - Verity
  • "Verity is my sister, and to a is everything." - Mila Rurik
  • "Hun ble presentert for meg som ung og skjør ting. Jeg så henne potensial og nikket hodet mitt. Jeg ga henne et merke som en gave. Hun er en sterk, lidenskapelig kriger som er en velsignelse for vår sekt." - Olaf
  • "Verity's mind always has a new turn to explore. I could ask for nothing else." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "Fear the patient minded Elder Brujah, they can throw an equally hard of a punch as anyone else." - Valeria Brunsvick
  • "She's all like so like serious. Like maybe she needs to like lick a Setite and get like all high off it. What? Like what do you like mean you don't get like like yeah. She like needs to party and remember what it's like to like be all feeling shit again." - Karma
  • "What does one call someone who has the mettle of character to see something which is wrong and address it as thus, even when the hostile world calls it right? What does one call someone who has the courage to seek truth earnestly and be unabashed by the horrors and wonders the light reveals? I personally alternate between two terms: Sister, and Verity. Both are apt" - Amyntas
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PROVERB TRANSLATION: "A difficult task, e. g. removing a person/group from a strong position, or changing established ideas cannot be done quickly. It can be achieved gradually, by small steps, a little at a time."

Player: Jen Kuiper VST: Robert Paul