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Who am I? My name is Verity Apple Willow, daughter of Dr. Willow and Dr. Smyth of the Children of Gaia kinfolk. Specifically I fostered with Imminent Strike.

Yes, I'm proud to be a kinfolk, no I don't want to be Bitten.

I don't fucking care about your reknown and rank. Get out of my fucking kitchen, I have a Sept to feed.

Back Story

Family & Reputation

  • Once engaged to 'Spector. They appear to be still amiable despite the engagement ending suspiciously with her university graduation.
  • Cousin of Fragile Bones
  • A natural with any firearm, she displays a near superhuman skill aptitude.
  • Oracular dreams give her troubling visions of what is to come.
  • When she was 16, spirits were consulted about her future. She was told she would bear many children, all shifters, but not experience the change herself. Despite this she has proven completely unmarriageable.
  • Many kinfolk cousins.
  • Strident #BanTheBite activist.
  • Horrifying scars from mauling mar the left side of her body.
  • Member of the infamous #KinfolkMafia


  • "In so many ways I can identify with her anger. It's difficult trying to put a smile on my face, hide my anger when the shifters can express theirs so freely. Are they still family when they don't care if you die?" -Catalin Corbeanu
  • "Hm, the Verity affair? My dear, of course it was a scandal - that was the whole point. Now, could I interest you in one of your own?" - 'Spector
  • "From what I hear, she keeps getting treated like shit. I don't blame her for feeling the way she does. Once again, it seems like the Nation fails their kin." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "The anger Verity bears for the nation is not without just cause, she comes by it honestly. It is my hope that I can right what is wrong, to correct what has led to her anger. For if those around her had treated her as she deserves, she could single-handedly beat back the wyrm with nothing but a cast-iron pan and a pair of sewing scissors." -Thyra Laskaris
  • "She's fierce, determined and angry for a reason. Stay out of her fucking kitchen." - Elizabeth Tvarivich
  • "Wow, What a Woman! She dont take shit from Nobody! I like Her Moxxi!" -Stags-Fury
  • "When I tell you that I learned how to fight from a Kinfolk, I'm talking about Verity, and it goes deeper than her teaching me how to handle myself in combat. It also means the ironclad strength that binds my ideals, and my ability to stand my ground. I'd be a poorer Garou and human being without her example, and that's a fact." - Torchbearer
  • "She expresses in words what I need violence for. I envy that." -Cassidy Black
  • "So much anger, and yet, such a desire to do good with that anger. I truly hope she succeeds." - Inge Hansen
  • "You thinks she even needs to ask for her Uncle to be there? Do not bet on it." - Uncle Travis
  • "She's fierce, determined, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's a credit to the whole Tribe." - Damage "DC" Control"

OOC Information

Player: Valeria S.

Player Email: Me

Storyteller: Chris H.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Montreal, QC