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"You seem familiar."

Public Knowledge

Much like the Nosferatu, Verkenner doesn't tend to show his true face, preferring the many faces of others. As such, his physical description is variable, but generally he appears as a northern European man of unremarkable features.

He is known to be a Black Hand agent, with specialties in infiltration and reconnaissance. His reputation as an effective operative dates back to the 16th century where he is known to have assisted with the destruction of a member of the Inner Council.

In modern nights, he is known as a teacher, albeit an eccentric one, as well as a seer.

Name: Verkenner


Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Sabbat

Inate Status:

  • Branded

Fleeting Status:

  • Honorable


  • Agent

Notable Traits

  • Arcane

Current Location: Martinique, Carribean

Pack: -----


  • "I know of this Cainite, a studious member of the Diocese I used to call home. I will watch them carefully, Knowledge is a blessing and a curse." - Paladin Thompson
  • "He's good. Very good. I've heard some of the things he's done and I'll tell you this, his amnesia isn't an accident." - Charlie
  • "I have forgotten more about this Cainite then most will ever know, he is a visonary gift to whatever he does, but by cain, the sword and the sacred ritus, if he does not stop muttering about my choise to carry a reliqury.... Adam Masterson
  • “The shadows whisper to me but they jump out at him. I wonder what they say that makes him so paranoid?” - Astraea
  • "I'm pretty sure he used to be in our sister pack, but, I think he could also be a stripper named Harley who I stiffed fifty bucks, I'm not sure. I'll just have to find out for fun and profit." - Mordechai
  • "He weighs matters fairly." - Raven Tempestarii
  • "I owe a debt to this Cainite. He was brisk to inform me of any trouble on the horizon at the Bazaar. I sadly never truly got a chance to thank him." Tyrus
  • "Pardon me - who?" asked amidst several blinks and an expectant smile - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "I've met him a few times... Then have forgotten him. But when he shows up again I'm reminded... He is an enigma and I am fascinated. Perhaps one of these days we can speak, but more than likely, it would be in riddles." - Valerie Evans
  • "Verkenner is an interesting individual. He tries to speak in riddles, but lacks the nuance of the twisted word. There is more to subtlety than knowing to effectively murder someone else" - Zahira Isret


  • "The Black Hand only call on Verkenner when a mission is too important, or suicidal to be trusted to younger agents."
  • "He's always following Kine around, as if he thinks they're going to do something."
  • "He just - he needs to break things. If it's unstained, he's got to mar it. If it's innocent, it won't be for long around him."





OOC Information

I am welcome to any and all ties, especially those where our characters where involved in a crazy event which I have forgotten via Amnesia, making for a strange reunion during chronicle.

This player welcomes Social CvC so if you feel there are issues leading to Character Death, please reach out so we can come up with an engaging, narrative solution.

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Sabbat
City: Martinique, Carribean
Player: Taylor Harrs
Storyteller: [1]