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Vex Vandal (born May 1st, 1940 in Chelsea, London) is one of the lead singers and guitarists of the post-hardcore band Beast Rising, along with his ghoul, Ziva Vicious. He plays in the band along with the twin brothers Vic Savage and Johnny Smüv, and the synth artist Surge.


Vex Vandal was born on May 1st, 1940 in Chelsea, London to unknown parents, said to have been large into manufacturing during World War II. He has no known siblings, though it is rumored that there is some familial connection between Vex and Ziva, given the closeness that they share.

At the age of 7, his mother enrolled him in high-society schools, intent to give his child the upbringing that they had earned through hard work and perseverance. However, this high-society life was not something Vex melded with well. He began to act out, rebelling "against the system," and by the time he was in Year 11 at University College London (UCL), he already had a couple arrests under his belt, something his parents quickly pushed under the carpet; possession of illegal narcotics, reckless endangerment, even solicitation were charges that were part of his covered-up rap sheet.

But it was the music that his parents discovered was the only thing he always migrated to, and he had a knack for it. That is when they pulled strings to get him into the Royal Academy of Music, studying opera. It was the "proper gentleman's genre," or so his parents told him, and that was when he is said to have first met Ziva Vicious, his partner and bandmate (and rumored sister). They had a knack for trouble, even more so together, and held a hefty nightlife, out on the town in underground clubs, back alleys, and the seedier places.

This is when they first met his Sire, Evelyn, who showed a keen interest in Vex's style of music and just general mischief. He was willingly Embraced in October 1969 as the first Son of Discord of his lineage, inside The London Fog, intent to cause a whole lifetime's worth of trouble, and more.




"It is worth noting that in out of my entire line, Vex Vandal was the first man in my line to be Embraced with my blessing. While Vex is young and he is loud, his heart is in the right place... I look forward to celebrating his ascension to Ancilla in two years' time. I am planning the rudiments of the party already. If you desire and your schedule permits, I will happily add you to the guest list." - Madeleine Tonnerre, in correspondence with Diana the Red, Archon to Tegyrius, Assamite Justicar
I must think highly of him... I mean, I have a gold metallic lipstick named "Vandal." - Julian Motgomery-Westwood
"One of the few modern artists that I enjoy. He's handy in a fight, too." - Apocryphus
Vex, when next it's go time, remember to change your shirt to something disposable. Like mine." - Jimmy Kincaid
"Look, if being a vampire's taught me anything, it's that it's usually harder to extend an olive branch instead of a fist. His actions once the dust settled earned my respect faster than any number of throwdowns could've." - Kyle Morgan
"It takes one burned by fame to truly appreciate the virtue of discretion. Vex Vandal has earned my trust and may call on my ear as he sees fit." - Thaddeus Moreau
"Vex is a party animal. We once got high on faerie blood and accidentally started a small fire in a Setite temple. Good times." - Dicky Coughlin
"The brighter the light cast, the darker the shadows. " - Maris Bell
"Like some sort of planet circling my orbit, we have never been intentional allies, but every time I turn he is there supporting my move. He says the terrible things I am glad I don't have to." - Mr. Blackett
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♫ Vex lost his prized possession when caught in flagrante delicto with the Nashville Police Chief's son... and his boyfriend. He also gained a ghoul in the same moment.

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Vex Vandal

Clan: Son of Discord
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Neonate
Position: Harpy
Status: ••••••
Domain: Nashville, TN
Player: Chris R.
VST: Nashville VST