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Known by the Garou Nation

Name: "Vicki" Victoria
Deed Name: Scrubbing Bubbles
Fera Breed: Ananasi
Auspice: Theurge
Rank: Cliath
Pack: Packless
Sept: Sept of Unearthed Silver
Right of Acceptance?: Yes
Appearance: Unlike most Ananasi, Vicki spends most of her time in Crawlerling form, forcing most of her focus into one tiny jumping spider who is the "spokeshead" for the rest of her. The rest of the spiders of her form are often either nearby, or in a backpack carried by an ally.

When she is forced to be in Homid, Vicki is small in stature (52 inches), and appears cute and innocent. On closer inspection, she has extra joints in her legs that make it impossible for her to walk in a way that would be considered human. When she needs to be in Homid, often when around humans, she walks with the help of arm crutches that hide her joints. Her blood has the consistency of glowstick juice.


Female Jumping Spider - Phidippus regius - Florida.jpg


Vicki knows Missy and her partner from their time in Arizona- while there, Vicki was saved by Missy as a Cub. From there they parted ways so that Vicki could learn of the world and rank up. Now a Cliath, Vicki has come to Denver to see her old friend, as well as to help with the dire situations in Denver and Pueblo.

Notable Contributions

  • Vicki took the Rite of Acceptance at the Sept of Unearthed Silver in May 2018
  • Earned the Deed Name "Scrubbing Bubbles" for her unique manner of creating a Circle of Gaia's Cleansing


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Known Associates

  • "Guy"- New Roomate
  • "Missy"- Roomate and Best Friend


  • Vicki does not currently have a pack


"Mary, Mary, Mercenary, How did you learn to slay?"
- Something Vicki sings to herself.

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  • If you hear someone singing lullabies in the middle of the night, and they aren't quite right, it's probably Vicki
  • The reason Vicki sounds so cute is because she's high all the time

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Character Playlist

Girls That Glitter Love the Dark by Hannah Fury

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OOC Info

Player Contact: Valentina Rossi
VST Contact: Conor Sexton

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