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Character Description

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"Beauty is Always only an illusion only science can measure reality."

Name: Victoria Elizabeth Fairfield

Notable Traits: Has one blue eye and one hazel, and Burn scars that run from her head across her eyes and down the left side of her face. She usually covers it with a mask as well as obfuscate.

Clan: Nosferatu

Sect Camarilla

Position Nosferatu Primogen, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Abiding Status: Acknowledged, Noble

Fleeting Status: Loyal - Prince Ixilan, Thunder Bay, ON

Generation: Neonate

Place of Birth: Canada

Gender: Female

Age: 200+ (rumored)

Height: Just under 5'9"



Nosferatulogo1.png 1814 Embraced

Nosferatulogo1.png 1824 Released

Nosferatulogo1.png 1841 - Sire and the rest of her lineage dies in the Sabbat Wars for the Americas.

Nosferatulogo1.png 1841-1941 - Spends the next century trying to avenge them.

Public Information

Nosferatulogo1.png Scientist and Doctor .

Nosferatulogo1.png Extremely shy and timid.

Nosferatulogo1.png Brought up as a proper Lady.

Nosferatulogo1.png The duties of a Courtier are of the utmost importance.

Nosferatulogo1.png Prefers the company of animals to people.


Nosferatulogo1.png Her lineage was wiped out by the Sabbat during the wars for the Americas in 1840s.

Nosferatulogo1.png Victoria is the last of the Fairfield line.




Nosferatu Guest Space in the Warrens

Quotes by Victoria

Nosferatulogo1.png: "Beauty is always only an illusion. Only science can measure reality."

Nosferatulogo1.png: "Magic is simply science we do not yet comprehend."

Nosferatulogo1.png: "The human capacity for destruction and malice never ceases to amaze or surprise me."

Nosferatulogo1.png: "Animals live in a realm of balance and purity that we are only beginning to understand."


Nosferatulogo1.png: Rudeness is weakness.

Nosferatulogo1.png: Has a very old-world view on manners and niceties.

Nosferatulogo1.png: There is nothing she would not do for Prince Ixilan.

Nosferatulogo1.png: She has an obsession with cats.

Nosferatulogo1.png: She is often seen in the company of |Viktor Warren

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Quotes About Victoria

Nosferatulogo1.png:Mind your P's and Q's with Miss Fairchild and you'll get along fine. - Chelsea Star

Nosferatulogo1.png:(Feel free to add your own) - Example


Nosferatulogo1.png Prince Ixilan

Nosferatulogo1.png Mama Trena

Nosferatulogo1.png Sister Matilda

Nosferatulogo1.png Viktor Warren

Nosferatulogo1.png Elijah Frost

Nosferatulogo1.png Chuck Olsen

Nosferatulogo1.png Chelsea Star

OOC Information

Player: Ness Klohn


Story Teller: Sarah Hayes :

VSS: Northern Winds